Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Made with Love :: Chocolate Cake, Strawberries & Thirty-Seven Candles!

I didn't think the kids were going to have time (after an afternoon spent ice skating!) which is why I made the Mud Pie, but the girls were putting the final touches on a birthday cake when Sean and I arrived home from our dinner date on my birthday last Friday night! They have decorated my birthday cakes the past couple years and apparently it is now "our tradition!"

We already had a couple chocolate cakes in the freezer (extras I had baked last month when I made from Bud's Farmer Boy Barnyard Birthday Cake, just in case the carrot cake didn't turn out) but I hadn't purchased or prepared any supplies for decorating. The girls frosted the cake and creatively decorated it with some strawberry halves along with the leftover chocolate topping and chopped almonds from the Mud Pie. It was such a delicious combination!

They were able to round up 37 random candles, leftover from all the birthdays this past year, and managed to fit them all on the cake… Even Bud helped!  

Mmmmmmm… I think they might need to make another one next month for St. Valentine's Day!