Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Historic St. Joseph's Catholic Rectory


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for each of you to see a little bit of our history. Thank you for sharing with us and letting me see a glimpse of our history also. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks again and God Bless, Theresa

    2014-12-17 20:10:56

  2. This reminds me of our old parish where we were married. It was built in 1870. What a nice little museum.

    2014-12-17 20:13:40

  3. How beautiful and quaint! So much history to take in I bet! Looked like fun!

    2014-12-17 21:18:18

  4. The bible, crosses, holy oil and cloths are just amazing. I am Roman Catholic and really enjoyed the pictures. This trip must have left you with memories for a lifetime.

    2014-12-18 07:26:50

  5. I didn't know you could go inside! How cool!

    2014-12-20 03:35:51


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