Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Bud!


  1. E * I * E * I * O WOW!!! So cute! I have got to do this! Great job Mom! :)

    2014-12-19 21:38:04

  2. Moooo-nificent!

    That is just too cute to eat! What are the barns made out of? cake with white icing and red licorice is my guess. Happy birthday to your sweet Bud!

    2014-12-19 21:48:09

  3. I know I say this about every cake you make, but that really is the cutest cake EVER. Wow! No wonder you didn't get much sleep. I was just looking back at his first birthday because I am putting together a little "onederland" party for my niece. Its hard to believe that was two years ago. I've been dying to use that theme since you did it.

    Happy, happy birthday Bud from clear across the country.

    2014-12-19 23:15:05

  4. He's so adorable! Happy Birthday to him!

    2014-12-19 23:46:30

  5. Holy Cow! Did you stay up all night to make that adorable cake? Ah-mazingly cute! Bud is an adorable birthday boy, too. He looks completely enamored of your creation, too. Bravo!

    2014-12-20 00:39:01

  6. Amazing cake!! You did a great job!

    2014-12-20 02:32:21

  7. That cake looks great! Happy birthday Bud!

    2014-12-20 03:03:48

  8. um...I'm stealing it. hehe! My 2 year old loooves farm animals, this would be so fun for her third birthday!!! very cute. I love the barn and silo.

    2014-12-20 03:20:49

  9. Oh and I might steal it too! I have a third birthday next month! Well, not me personally, lol. ;)

    2014-12-20 03:29:32

  10. The expression on his face is not only precious, it's priceless! :)

    2014-12-20 05:44:48

  11. Worth a thousand words! So cute!!!

    2014-12-20 07:10:20

  12. Those are the cutest barnyard animals I have ever seen eh!!!

    2014-12-20 13:42:33

  13. I've always loved farm birthdays. You did such a great job!

    2014-12-20 19:16:40

  14. Jessica this is just adorable!!! Your son is so precious and how happy your little animal lover looks as he takes in each creation of this most enchanting farm scene Birth Day cake! You are so creative and I admire how you turn each of your children's Birth Day's into such unique and extraordinary family celebrations...making your Birth Day Child fell so very Special. May God continue to Bless you and your beautiful family. Most Sincerely, Debbie

    2014-12-20 19:40:56

  15. I think I say this for every post...AMAZING... CUTE...WOW!

    2014-12-20 23:36:27

  16. Those PIGGIES...oh my goodness. So cute. Tell us which animal he liked best!

    2014-12-22 14:58:52

  17. Wow! Super cute!

    2014-12-31 05:14:41

  18. Do you have any directions for making this cake and cupcakes? It's super cute, and I'd like to try making it for my boy/girl twins' 3rd week... Time flies! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful cakes and celebrations :)

    2015-04-10 02:52:38

    1. You know, I meant to post the directions and never got around to it. I'll try and pull together the post and share it by tomorrow. Happy Birthday to your twins!

      2015-04-10 17:30:36

    2. That is so nice of you! Thanks!

      2015-04-10 17:51:15


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