Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas :: 2014

Each year our celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas looks a little different, but some things always stay the same… The children always wake up to their slippers or shoes filled with treats and receive new Christmas booksLast year we stayed home all day enjoying the snow (completely unaware that we would soon be without running water for six days due to freezing pipes!), this year the weather was much warmer and we spent most of the day enjoying activities outside of our home.  Of course I have some pictures to share with you all!

.: Gifts from St. Nicholas :.

We have had a very full schedule this year which doesn't leave much time for crafts. My children didn't even notice that the coins weren't decorated with images of St. Nicholas and they loved this year's Blended Maple Candy St. Nick's from Maple Grove Farms in Vermont and purchased at our local health food store! 

Our oldest two boys still fit last year's slippers, so instead of new slippers they were happy to be able to make a donation to a local charity. Our younger children were delighted to discover their new slippers and all the children loved discovering all the treats.  In addition to the candy mentioned above they also received a cutie, Saint Blessing Blocks, a painted saint doll, and a new picture book.  There was even a St. Anthony painted saint (a gift from Catholic Folk Toys) to remember the baby we would have been preparing to welcome (Jan 5th) this month or next... 

.: St. Nicholas Day Brunch :.

My boys had been asking me to come watch their Saturday morning Hockey games for a few weeks and I wasn't able to go due to other commitments. With St. Nicholas Day falling on Saturday as well I told them I could go this week, as long as they didn't mind skipping our usual brunch and have a simple breakfast. They didn't mind at all and were so excited! And, even though I didn't get many pictures, I ended up being able to throw together a couple Cherry Cheese Candy Cane Coffee Cakes while my husband scrambled eggs and cooked some maple sausage, before we all ran out the door after all!  

.: Hockey :.

It was so much fun to watch them play… and they won their game

.: Victorian Christmas :. 

After the hockey game we drove out to one of our favorite little historical towns in the area, where I used to own the local phone book! We visited many of the little shops including the toy store, enjoyed the popcorn and cider that was being handed out, toured the Catholic Rectory, went on a horse-draw wagon ride, and then shared a gourmet pizza before heading home! 



The evening ended with a 7pm bilingual Quinceañera Mass and reception for one of my past Little Flowers! It was such a wonderful day filled with so many blessings… 

God, we pray that through the intercessions of St. Nicholas
you will guide and protect our children. 
Keep them safe from all harm and help them grow
to become loving disciples of Jesus in your sight. 
Give them strength to always mature into deeper faith
in you, and to keep alive joy in your creation. 
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.