Thursday, November 6, 2014

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I found this book displayed in the kitchen the other night… I think someone (one of the girls) is hinting that it's time to read it again and bake Grandmother's Famous Cranberry Bread! I just added fresh cranberries and light raisins to the grocery list. 


Three Happy Boys on their First Night of Hockey Practice for the Season

We took last year off all organized sports/activities and the boys are so happy to be back on the ice! My husband took a couple photos with his little flip phone to send me via text message. 

Snuggles looks so tiny out there with all the big boys, but his oldest brother (#8) is watching out for him! Thursday nights they all practice together, but for Monday night practices and Saturday morning games the boys will be broken into two groups and Snuggles will practice and play with the 8 and under crowd.  Hockey season begins. . . 


This afternoon, while we were waiting for the girls during their piano lessons, Captain asked if I knew the definition of a certain French word in the current book he is reading.  After we looked it up, he laughed and asked, "so if it's okay for a priest to use any word found in the dictionary 'with complete propriety' does that mean I can too?"  Ummmm. No. 

It's been years since I read The Shadow of His Wings: The True Story of Fr. Gereon Goldmann, OFM back when it was first re-published in 2000, but my husband and I knew our oldest son would love it and he sure does. This once "reluctant reader" of ours hasn't been able to put it down and it has quickly moved to his list of favorite books.


I've been using Saxon K for Rose this year and she quickly breezes through the lessons.  She has been having fun playing with our set of 250 Wooden Pattern Blocks so this morning I pulled out Mighty Mind while the tutor was working with the older children. It kept her busy for nearly two hours as she successfully worked her way through the first 20 cards! 


  1. Oh, that's a very good funny! (and that is indeed an awesome, awesome book) I do like to use vintage dictionaries in our home, as they don't include all the modern words that lack 'propriety'. ;-) Have a blessed weekend!

    2014-11-07 18:19:48

  2. too funny about the French dictionary :) I love stories of reluctant readers finding a story they love!

    2014-11-07 21:48:49

  3. Hey its my pumpkin!!! :) im so happy its still pretty and brightening your house

    2014-11-08 03:55:34

  4. My oldest son was just asking me for a book recommendation last night. My husband suggested Mark Twain's Joan of Arc. I think that I will suggest The Shadow of His Wings next. Thank you. :) As you know, it is a truly excellent book. I remember that French word being in the book. I also remember my high school French teacher telling us what French words we shouldn't repeat or use.

    2014-11-08 06:12:18

  5. I wondered if the boys had started hockey yet! Glad they are enjoying it! Does your area offer hockey to girls? Here they do and they play in high school and college, too! I'm thinking of getting our 9 yr old on skates this year, but we'll see!

    2014-11-08 12:24:36

  6. You're funny reminds me of the collegiate dictionary that I purchased recently where that statement about being able to use a word found in it with complete propriety isn't necessarily the case. I was shocked (and it takes a lot to shock me) at what has made it's way into the the dictionary.

    2014-11-08 16:08:59


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