Saturday, November 22, 2014

Instagram Recap

I always hesitate before posting a picture to Instagram and wonder if I should "save" it for the blog… I love Instagram, but the blog has always been my favorite spot to record special moments and memories. I thought I'd share this week's Instagram recap in 7 Quick Takes.

— 1 —

I love it when he wakes up in such a great mood, especially on Monday morning! 

"Look!! There's the peacock!!!"

— 2 —

Over the weekend I had the children all choose "five favorite" ChristmasBooks to share! The list of all 35 favorites, along with a giveaway for an autographed copy of ChristmasMosaic by Cay Gibson can be found {here}.

There is still time to enter the giveaway

— 3 —

Lunch date with my husband! He says I look younger for some reason…

On Tuesday morning I had another appointment at the orthodontist, this time for braces on my top teeth. I had been stressing out over it for months and was fighting tears when they started making the impressions a couple weeks ago... If it wasn't necessary I wouldn't have even considered it (my five years in braces as a child was plenty, not to mention pretty traumatic!) but my top teeth are collapsing inwards and have been causing bite issues. My bottom teeth are fine, thanks to a permanent retainer, and I'll only be wearing them for about six months. 

Thankfully we have great dental insurance right now that, combined with the family discount, covered about 75% of the cost. Invisalign was an option, but it was so much more expensive and I couldn't justify the extra expense just for my pride and vanity… I actually joked about going into hibernation for the next six months, but decided to just "rip the bandaid off" and post a picture. So far they haven't been nearly as bad as I remember.  And I picked "lavender" so I'm all ready for Advent! ;) 

Oh! When we were at the grocery store the other night Sean had to run and get one last thing so I was at the checkout by myself. When the cashier got to the bottles of wine she looked up and said, "Ummm… I'm going to need to see your ID." I laughed and handed it to her. She looked at my driver's license, back up at me (standing there with my hair in a pony tail and braces on my teeth), and back at my driver's license before mumbling "I never would have guessed." I'm not sure if that should make me feel young or really old! ;) 

— 4 —

It's been such a full week, complete with new accessories for a couple of us girls... Apparently that trademark glare of hers is really just her squinting to focus and see! Glasses are on the way. So thankful that there was an easy explanation and fix for the headaches she has been getting lately during school and piano lessons.

— 5 —

I was reading the papers from this week and had to show this one to my husband-it had us both cracking up! It was a creative writing assignment for our 9 year old (who apparently has "many exciting activities") using her "brain inventory." Looks like she included all the required #iew dress-ups ("-ly" adverb, who/which clause, strong verb, quality adjective, because clause, and adverbial clause), the topic & clincher sentences repeat or reflect the same key words, and the title repeats key words from the final sentence. I'm going to have to show it to my brothers, her "uncles who came freely because they wanted to hang out near the motor home and sit by the fire." I love it!

Chiquita just completed the final lesson of Student Writing Intensive Level A. She started it the second half of last school year, in 3rd grade, and completed it the first part of this school year. (Our older children are using the SWI Continuation Course Level A and Level B, combined with the Fix It! Grammar. The new revised versions of Fix It! are so great!) We are taking next week off of (most) school work and then in December we're all focusing on a literature unit study and lap book. After our Christmas break she'll either begin the Continuation Course for Level A or one of the Level A themed-based writing programs for the rest of the school year.

— 6 —

Ack! What made me think I could dust around these minifigs?! They are like dominoes! Every time I try to fix one that I've knocked over, even more fall down. I'm just going to stop now or the boys are going to come home from hockey and discover that their whole army has been taken out!

Yeah... I think I need to make them do their own dusting!

The boys love their Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Lego sets! Lego just came out with a few new Hobbit sets (The Lonely Mountain, The Battle of the Five Armies, Attack on Lake-Town, and Witch-King Battle)  and I'm secretly hoping that will be the end of the series! ;)  You can see how the boys organize their mini figures (when there isn't a war in progress) here

— 7 —

He has been sitting there playing for the last couple hours and every time he picks up the doll his Godmother painted for him he smiles and says "St. Andrew!!!" So cute!

This Medieval Castle was one of his gifts last Christmas.  Our girls have had the Princess Castle for about 6-7 years and they still play with it all the time.  The castles are such great toys!