Monday, November 17, 2014

35 Favorite Christmas Picture Books for Children

Our Advent and Christmas Book collection has really grown over the past 14 years. I've been getting quite a few requests to share our favorites (not to mention the fact that I was having a hard time choosing which books to wrap up for our Advent Book Basket this year!) so over the weekend I asked each of the children to choose five favorites to share.  They all had such a hard time deciding, and I really thought we would end up with some duplicates, but in the end I was given this big stack of our children's 35 Favorite Christmas Picture Books! 

.: Captain's Favorites :.
(age 14) 

Note: Letters from Father Christmas was in the boys' room on their bookshelf with the rest of their Tolkien books otherwise it would have been included in this list, for sure! 

Christmas at Stony Creek

Stephen's Feast

.: Ranger's Favorites :.
(age 12) 

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

A Small Miracle tells a beautiful story using only illustrations. All the children love this book! 

.: Twinkle Toes' Favorites :.
(age 11) 


.: Chiquita's Favorites :.
(age 9)

(we have the hardcover but you can find an affordable paperback version of Lucia Morning in Sweden here)

Note: Hanna's Christmas is out of print and hard to find at a reasonable price, especially this time of year, but you can watch the author read it aloud on Youtube!

You can also find an audio version of Lucia: Saint of Light online here

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

.: Snuggles' Favorites :.
(age 7) 

Christmas Cobwebs? I'm not sure if I'd be smiling to wake up to our tree covered in cobwebs! ;) 

The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher is such a fun book to read!  And I love that I'm not in tears by the end, like I am after reading so many other Christmas picture books. 

In the Archives: 

.: Rose's Favorites :.
(age 4) 

The Doll's Christmas

Mortimer's Christmas Manger

.: Bud's Favorites :.
(age 2) 

Bethlehem (Catholic Edition)

My Wonderful Christmas Tree

The Donkey's Dream

I still need to pick up some purple paper so I can finish wrapping 25 of these books for this Advent (Nov 30th -Dec 24th), but at least I had a little help narrowing down my options! 

.: Giveaway :. 

Christmas Mosaic
(Note: My copy pictured above is the original spiral bound version. The winner of the giveaway will receive a new autographed copy directly from Cay Gibson.)

Study guides for many of our favorite Christmas picture books can be found in Christmas Mosaic. Cay Gibson, author of Catholic Mosaic and Christmas Mosaic, has generously offered to send one of my visitors an autographed copy of Christmas Mosaic! You can also click over to Cay's blog to learn more about Christmas Mosaic!

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