Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrating the Saints :: Our 2014 Costumes

St. Patrick, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Luke, St. Margaret of Scotland, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Helen - All Saints in Heaven, Pray for us! 

Last night we hosted our annual All Hallows' Eve party! Other than ordering a couple dresses for the girls back in September the children were pretty much on their own this year to come up with their costumes. (I was busy preparing our home for the party and creating printables for the Ora Pro Nobis Candy Boxes! I did help create a couple paper crowns at the last minute.) I think they did a great job. I'll be back with pictures from the party sometime next week… In the meantime, here are this year's saint costumes!

.: St. Luke the Evangelist :. 

Captain (age 14) dressed as St. Luke the Evangelist
(inspired by our recent celebration of the feast of St. Luke!) 

Costume: Repurposed costume from St. Paul, an image of the Icon written by Saint Luke of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and a wood art palette (like this one) and paintbrush.  For the paint he painted some card stock with tempera paint, cut it out, and attached it to the palette. 

.: St. Thomas Aquinas :. 

Ranger (age 12) dressed as St. Thomas Aquinas

Costume: Once again he wore the white gown from my childhood saint costume. (He's outgrown it, but it was the best we could come up with this year with limited time and resources. I sure wish I had some skill with the sewing machine…) For the hood and cloak he wore a black hooded sweatshirt underneath some black fabric (that's white on the inside) which we wrapped around and pinned…  He wanted a real tonsure, but since he'll be serving Mass at the cemetery on the Feast of All Souls we decided to pin a piece of felt to the top of his head. He held one of my husband's old books (to represent the Summa Theologica) and a feather in the other hand. 

.: St. Margaret of Scotland :. 

Twinkle Toes (age 11) dressed as St. Margaret of Scotland

Costume: Victorian Rose Costume in Large, scarf, and a homemade crown created at the last minute with gold/silver poster board, acrylic gems, and this template

.: St. Helena :. 

Chiquita (age 9) dressed as St. Helena

Costume: Crimson Princess Costume in Large, with a wood cross made by Chiquita and Daddy. 

.: St. Patrick :. 

Snuggles (age 7) dressed as St. Patrick

Costume: This little guy put his costume together all on his own, and wanted to "look serious" in the pictures! My youngest brother's miter from at least 10 years ago has been used and reused by my boys, and with a couple new staples it survived one more year of use! Snuggles also wanted to wear the green vestments he received last Christmas over the white cassock from one of the older boy's vestment sets for playing Mass. He also decided he needed to wear the grey beard (previously St. Paul's) and carry a bell! 

.: Our Lady of Mount Carmel :. 

Rose (age 4) dressed as Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Costume: Brown Tunic and Scapular (from St. Therese Costume), Veil (from Saint Brigid), Scapular pinned to sleeve, Baby doll wrapped in white for Baby Jesus, and crowns made from gold/silver poster board with this template

.: St. Michael the Archangel :. 

Bud (age 2) dressed as St. Michael the Archangel

Costume: Bud really wanted to dress up as St. Michael. Even though the costume was a little big for him, we were able to make it work! Snuggles was 5 years old when he wore this costume which kind of gives you a little idea of how small Snuggles was and still is… I have a feeling it won't be too many years before (not quite 3 year old) Bud is taller than his older brother. 

Happy Feast of All Saints! 


  1. So awesome. I love that little St. Michael!

    2014-11-02 00:49:44

  2. Praise God for your lovely saint line-up. They're all getting so mature.

    2014-11-02 01:34:02

  3. Love them! My boys are 3.5 years apart and there was a time the youngest almost outgrew the oldest. But, then the oldest became a teen. Actually around 12 the oldest picked up growing speed and now at 13.5 he is in no fear of being outgrown until the youngest hits the teen years.

    2014-11-02 02:36:32

  4. They look great! We had a St. Helen as well!

    2014-11-02 10:28:22

  5. Lindos!!! Deus abençoe sua família!

    2014-11-02 11:11:08

  6. Another year of great costumes! I think St. Luke is my favorite, that's a creative idea of carrying the palette of paints. I think I'll see if one of my boys want to dress up as that next year. Also, I love the painting of OL of Perpetual Help so that'd be another reason to do it.

    It's neat to see as they get older their able to help you carry out all your creative ideas :)

    2014-11-03 19:17:40

  7. One more thing....One of my sons dressed as St. Olaf this year. St. Olaf was a viking warrior prior to his conversion to Christianity. So I ordered a viking costume off amazon and used a seam ripper to remove the dragon off the front. It was a fun costume for a boy. Thought I'd share since you have a bunch of boys and I know mine always like to find a costume they can work a weapon as a prop into.

    2014-11-03 19:23:34

  8. Precious! All of them! :)

    2014-11-06 00:54:34

  9. I LOVE this Jessica! Brings me back to our homeschool group as kids:)

    2014-11-10 04:34:28

  10. where can I order this costume?__

    2015-10-07 19:44:14

    1. I purchased the actual costume from Costco about 3 (or so?) years ago and I think I found the wings at Target back then too.

      2015-10-09 04:05:21

  11. My daughter is St. Margaret of Scotland for her All Saints Day Parade at her school. I am teaching her as much as I can about her but not sure what she is the patron saint of? I am new to the catholic religion so I am also learning.

    2015-10-19 01:37:07

  12. How can I buy one of Helen

    2016-09-15 23:30:50

    1. We ordered the costume we used for St. Helen from Amazon. Here is the link:

      2016-09-15 23:50:04

  13. Do you have any interest in selling your st michael costume. I love it and cannot find anything like it.

    2017-09-05 19:18:43

    1. No.. I'm not interested in selling it, but these are somewhat similar:

      2017-10-27 05:14:59

  14. I know she's a really kind of hidden saint, but do you have a costume for saint quiteria? Kind of a princess (her father was a prince)

    2017-10-28 00:16:17

  15. where can i find a saint patrick costum for my 10 year old son?


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