Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Calico Critters

My girls all love playing with their Calico Critters. I've been looking for a couple new families to give to Rose for her birthday in a few weeks and I recently added the cute little Calico Critters Sea Otter Family to my Amazon Shopping Cart. I happened to log in a few minutes ago and noticed that the price had dropped significantly and they are now 41% off! I just placed my order and thought I'd share the link with you all. Now if only the Hazelnut Chipmunk Family would drop in price… They are so cute!

(Update: Rosie's Row Boat is also on sale at 48% off!)


  1. Thank you for sharing, Jessica.

    2014-11-27 10:49:19

  2. We love these as well. Thanks for sharing!

    2014-11-27 13:08:27

  3. Jessica, Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this price drop. I just found another Calico Critter set I'm getting for one of my nieces at a great price on Amazon: down to $24.99 from $39.99! I wouldn't have checked it tonight if I hadn't just read your post. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful weekend!

    2014-11-28 06:47:35

  4. Hi Jessica do you have ideas for a calico critter birthday party ?

    2018-06-23 17:23:24

    1. I do! We actually had one a number of years ago and it still hasn't made it on to the blog... I have company on their way to our house right now, but maybe later this weekend I can dig up the pictures.

      2018-06-23 17:30:11


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