Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bargain Priced Books :: The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree & Little House 9-Book Box Set

One of the new additions to our Advent & Christmas book collection this year, after having it recommended many times in the past, is The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree.

I purchased a secondhand copy of the hardcover edition earlier this year, but right now you can purchase the paperback at 42% off!

Amazon is also currently offering an extra 30% Off Any Book (up to $10) with promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout.

My girls have been reading my old collection of Little House on the Prairie Books once again and they are literally falling apart. I used my code to save an additional $10 on a new Little House 9-Book Box Set (which is currently 44% off!) bringing the final cost down to just $2.84 per book!


  1. We love The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree! Great book! :)

    2014-11-29 23:24:35

  2. I enjoy your posts about book and family life . I homeschooled for years and am a librarian by trade. Thanks for the book ideas love to buy for my grandchildren.

    2014-11-30 15:49:59

  3. Just a little warning. The newer editions of the little house have been changed. They made them politically correct. I always buy the used older editions for my girls collections. God bless. FYI- we are very blessed to have your brother in law here at Mater Dei.

    2014-12-01 04:33:37

    1. Really? I had no idea. :(

      2014-12-01 05:22:36

    2. How can you tell if a set has been revised or not? I'm not seeing that mentioned anywhere. Do you know what year the changes were made? My copies are the 1971 printing, complete with all the lovely illustrations by Garth Williams...

      2014-12-01 05:48:17

    3. One last question. . . Can you tell me which set you look for for your girls? I ran across an article talking about the revisions made to the 1935 edition, by Wilder and her editor, so I guess my childhood set had been revised too.

      2014-12-01 16:58:32


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