Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bargain Priced Books :: Latsch Valley Farm Series

Last year our children loved unwrapping their stacks of books on Christmas morning… well, at least most of them! ;)

I'm planning on giving them each another stack this Christmas and have been collecting books all year. I just ordered the recently published fifth and final book in the Latsch Valley Farm Series to give one of our girls to add to their book collection. It is such a sweet series from the Catholic collection at Bethlehem Books

The whole series is currently marked down (TODAY ONLY - NOV 12) to $5.80 per book with coupon code farm5 at checkout. This is a $35.75 savings on the entire set! 


  1. My children love these books!

    2014-11-13 06:16:17

  2. Do you have to buy all five books to get the discount?

    2014-11-14 04:16:22

    1. No, the books could be purchased individually at $5.80 each, but it was only valid on Nov. 12th.

      2014-11-14 15:57:50

  3. My oldest daughter has read the first three and loved them! I didn't know there were two more! She will be thrilled! Thanks for sharing, Jessica!

    2014-11-14 04:16:52

  4. Have you posted about Books for Boys? I cannot find anything when I search and I would love such a post as my oldest 2 are boys. My oldest is really getting into The Imagination Station series (I think produced by the Focus on the Family folks) and some of the books in the Classic Starts series (The Time Traveler was a huge hit), but I'd love to see your recommendations for the 6 to 8 year-old-set. :)

    2014-11-14 04:17:07

    1. No, I haven't put together a specific post yet… I've only posted about the various books we've given the children individually for birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. I keep meaning to, and it's on my list, but I just haven't had the time. I'll have to see if I can get the older boys to help. :)

      2014-11-14 16:08:54


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