Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy All Hallows' Eve!

.: Our 2014 Saint-O-Lanterns :.

St. Luke's Ox
by Captain

+ + + + + + + 

Prayer at Valley Forge
by Ranger

+ + + + + + + 

St. Margaret of Scotland
by Twinkle Toes 
(with a little help from Mom)

+ + + + + + + 

Journey to Bethlehem
by Chiquita
(with a little help from Dad)

The Star of Bethlehem
by Bud and Mom

(Rose is planning to make a pumpkin pie with her pumpkin!) 

+ + + + + + + 

St. Louis and the Last Crusade
by Snuggles and Dad

+ + + + + + + 

All ye holy Saints of God, pray for us! 


  1. Jessica you captured the most wonderful photos of your FAMILY Pumpkin carving project! The results are incredible! What wonderful evenings you and your husband enjoyed with your beautiful children. Your family is such a inspiration of what family life is really all about! May God Bless you for sharing your sweet memories with us. Congratulations to each of the pumpkin carvers...they are true artists!

    2014-10-31 14:48:50

  2. Your Saint-O-Lanterns look great. Thanks for sharing. Happy All Hallows' Eve!

    2014-10-31 14:51:42

  3. Simply put... WOW! :)

    2014-10-31 17:34:37

  4. You guys always make the most awesome pumpkins! I am so bummed I won't get to see them in person this year. :(

    2014-10-31 21:55:23

  5. Beautiful pumkins!!! The "star" pumpkin look about my skill level.....enough said:)

    2014-11-01 00:18:26

  6. Hi Jessica, can you please adjust the settings of your blog for how it appears on mobile phones? thank you!! God bless, katie

    2014-11-01 02:25:01

    1. Should be fixed now. Somehow the setting got switched. Let me know if it's not. :)

      2014-11-02 02:37:34


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