Thursday, October 30, 2014

Carving Our 2014 Saint-O-Lanterns

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Pretty pumpkins all ready to carve into this year's Saint-O-Lanterns!


Everyone was so happy when Daddy arrived home a little early from work and we could begin! 

They were not so happy when I realized that I had no idea what happened to all our carving supplies! We finished carving the next night, after Sean picked up new supplies on his way home from work.



Poor Captain… The pumpkin he choose at our parish fundraiser last Sunday was completely rotten inside. He tried to salvage it, until I just couldn't take the smell any longer and insisted it go straight to the compost pile… far, far away from the house. It smelled SO bad! 

I gave him the white pumpkin I had purchased from Trader Joe's to use as a decoration. He was skeptical at first, but in the end I think it worked out better for St. Luke's symbolic Ox! 

{the rest of the carving pictures}

Any guesses on this one? Just wait until you see it lit up! 

Watching his mama help carve!

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  1. Impressive!!! and Captain's was fantastic!

    2014-10-31 06:16:30

    1. Thanks, Erin! He'll be excited to hear that! :)

      2014-10-31 06:35:25

  2. We had the same thing happen this year! Perfect pumpkin on the outside - nasty rotten on the on the inside! Of course - the 10 year old was trying to tell me it was just fine. Ugh! The smell was terrible. Your carvings look wonderful!

    2014-10-31 08:03:16

    1. Oh no! The smell really is terrible! lol

      2014-10-31 16:06:46

  3. Wow, don't they look great! I was hoping we would try to make one this year, but I left it too late and the price went up to $6 a kg! These type of pumpkins are still a novelty in Australia. We are trying to grow some in our garden at the moment, though they won't be ready for months. I wonder if we can get them to grow that big. Looks like you had lots of fun :)

    2014-10-31 10:45:55

    1. It always seems so strange to me that it is a completely different season over there in Australia! And $6 a kg?! That is crazy! But I suppose if they aren't grown this time of year, and have to be imported in, that would make sense. The pumpkins in our area seem to range from 18 cents (Discount Grocery Store) to 45 cents (Local Farm) per pound. I hope your garden is successful and you end up with some great pumpkins!

      2014-10-31 16:15:10

  4. Wonderful!!! Where do you get your carving templates? A Blessed All Hallow's Eve!

    2014-10-31 11:17:03

    1. This year we used templates from various google searches. Three of them were free (Medieval Maiden, Knight on Horseback, and George Washington in Prayer at Valley Forge) from and two (The Journey and Bessie, which we added horns to for our ox) were $.98 each from For the star I just used a cookie cutter from my collection. :)

      2014-10-31 16:04:29

  5. We saw the one with the Holy Family traveling and almost got it but went with the Jonah one instead. They all look great!

    2014-10-31 12:09:12

  6. These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pumpkins and pictures.

    2014-10-31 14:35:58

  7. Great pumpkin carving! Chiquita's expression looks exactly like our granddaughter's reactions to cleaning out their pumpkins this week!

    2014-10-31 14:39:26

  8. Oh no! poor Captain!! I do like the white one though.

    2014-10-31 21:56:41

  9. Captain's white pumpkin looks great! Very effective! We did carve some but here in the UK it is not easy to buy the carving tools so we struggle on with bradawl, skewers, small knives and very sore fingers! Still, the outcome is always very gratifying. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of them lit up! A night of light indeed!

    2014-11-01 23:23:58

  10. Your posts are an inspiration! Sharing to you (through email) our own costumes for our family celebration of Hallow's Eve, all the way from the Philippines ;)

    2014-11-03 19:27:10


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