Tuesday, October 21, 2014

All Saints Scavenger Hunt {Another Printable Party Game Featuring 16 Additional Saints & New Clues!}

A couple years ago we created an All Saints Scavenger Hunt {Printable Party Game!} for our annual All Saints Party and shared it here at Shower of Roses. This year I have a second version of the game to share!

Like last time, I have printed 16 saint cards which I will hand out to 16 of the adults. The children will each receive the list of clues, and they will need to match each clues to the correct saint. Once the child thinks he knows who it is, he will ask the person representing (holding the picture of) the saint. If he is correct the "saint" signs the line next to the correct clue on his child's clue sheet. You can see some pictures of the game being played here.

Here are the clues that my husband and I came up with for the second version of this game:
Unless, of course, you'll be at our party… In that case please skip the rest of this post! ;)

Download All Saints Scavenger Hunt Clue Sheet
(the printable file includes the answer sheet)