Thursday, September 11, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Bandon Boardwalk

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life. ~

Yesterday, after spending three nights camping, we enjoyed Historic Old Town, the Boardwalk, and Fish & Chips before driving back home... 


My pretty girls wearing their pretty dresses and pantaloons! 





Writing in her journal… 

… I miss the ocean already! 

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  1. lovely, what a pretty sepia print that firat picture would something from another era!

    2014-09-12 01:52:13

    1. I was playing around with it in Lightroom and it really is pretty in sepia too!

      2014-09-12 04:37:34

  2. Jessica,

    I love the dresses and pantaloons. Would you please share where you bought them?

    Thanks so much. What a beautiful picture of your girls!!


    2014-09-12 02:25:22

    1. Thank you, Melisa!

      I purchased the dresses and pantaloons from April Cornell during their Summer Clearance Sale when everything on the website was 50-75% off!

      Twinkle Toes is wearing Parakeet Girls Dress in size 12, Chiquita is wearing the Lafayette Girls Dress in size 10, and Rose is wearing the Magnolia Girls Dress in size 6.

      I ordered the pantaloons in sizes 12 (WAY too big), 10 (still big on our 11 year old), 6 (ordered to save for Rose but they fit our 9 year old), and 4 (just above the ground on Rose, who will turn 5 in December). I think I need to order a size 8 for our 11 year old. The dresses they are wearing are size 12, 10, and 6 and they all seem to fit nicely with plenty of room to grow.

      2014-09-12 04:56:18

  3. I love the pretty pantaloons. So unexpected. Do your girls wear them all the time or was it a special day? The dresses worked beautifully with them.

    2014-09-12 04:22:48

    1. The girls love them, but no, they don't wear them all the time. I purchased them for our oldest daughter's birthday at the end of August and they have been having so much fun wearing them the past few weeks. They asked if they could bring the dresses/pantaloons with us to the beach and so we packed them along.

      2014-09-12 05:00:59

  4. I love your girls' dresses!

    2014-09-12 13:37:03

  5. Such a lovely time! Love the joy. Your girls look so pretty.

    2014-09-12 17:40:47

  6. What pretty girls you have! Those boys are super cute, I love the look on the little guy's face as he's running from the ride on whale.

    2014-09-13 21:32:12


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