Thursday, September 18, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} :: All Saints' Costumes, New Picture Books, Hockey Lessons, and Super Simplified Back-to-School Schultütes. . .

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With the month of October just around the corner, our children have been making plans for our annual All Saints Party!  (You can scroll through all our past "costume" posts here.)  Which saint will they be this year?  Twinkle Toes and Chiquita have asked to dress up as St. Margaret of Scotland and St. Helena. 

When we were over at the coast we happened to see some (way overpriced) costumes that would be perfect for St. Margaret and St. Helena… I happened to find them online at a more affordable price and order two saintly "princess" dresses for the girls. You can find the Victorian Rose Costume here and the Crimson Costume here. Now we just need to go to the craft store for some supplies to make a couple crowns to go with the pretty dresses! Two down… Five more to go! ;)  


New picture books about saints always make me happy!  Did you know that Amy Welborn just came out with a new book about St. Francis. We haven't read it yet, but our copy just arrived and I plan to surprise the children with it on his feast day, which is coming up on October 4th.


Snuggles started learn to skate /learn to play hockey lessons last Saturday! 

The older boys went with me to his lesson and, after seeing their little brother fall again and again, I heard them say, "Poor (Snuggles)! I didn't know he was so bad at skating!"  Yep… It's finally the little guys turn for some lessons! Despite all the falls he had a blast and can't wait until his next lesson this upcoming Saturday. 


With all our camping trips, and everything else that has been going on, I just didn't have time to create our annual Back-to-School Schultütes this year… not even the Simplified Version from last year

A couple weeks before school started I ran across a 12-pack of these Popcornopolis Cones at Costco and decided they looked close enough!

They were a hit! 

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  1. The costumes you have for your girls are so pretty! And I like the expressions on your kids' faces in the last picture! :)

    2014-09-19 13:10:23

  2. May God bless you and your family, Jessica!

    2014-09-19 13:24:55

  3. Wonderful, as usual! What are the names of the books in the first photo?? =)

    2014-09-19 14:19:34

  4. As usual, the mom stresses that what she did isn't good enough, yet the kids go wild. I'm beginning to think we overthrown too much of this. Great ideas.

    2014-09-19 17:10:52

    1. So true! This year I am working on simplifying in many areas and making time for new and different things - like the camping trips. It's been nice. :)

      2014-09-20 13:25:57

  5. We have the rose-colored dress. If it's the same one by Travis Designs, you'll be very happy with it. I hunted and hunted last Christmas to find princess costumes for my girls as it was their #1 request. I ended up ordering from the UK as everything available in the US looked poorly made. It's great if these are available on Amazon now as I paid about 50% more after the currency exchange and shipping costs. The company makes some very nice costumes with a good selection of historical dresses.

    2014-09-20 06:25:47

    1. Yes, that does look like the same dress. When I originally saw it at the toy store at the coast I was so impressed with the quality. Like you, in the past, I've never been that impressed with any of the princess costumes I've seen. These are definitely much better quality.

      2014-09-20 13:27:34

  6. Hi Jessica, can you say how the sizing on the dresses compare to number sizes. I am trying to figure out if I could pull off the crimson costume for my tiny 12 year old! Thanks again for sharing with us!

    2014-09-22 00:39:42

    1. Hi Judi! I'm actually out of town at the moment and I ordered the dresses just before I left. I'll be back home in a week and I'll try the dresses on the girls then and let you know. :)

      2014-09-22 13:24:21

  7. Wow! I'm inspired to have good and God fearing children. Books about saints and Jesus would really be a good tool to educate children. Awesome Post.!

    2017-02-14 10:18:00


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