Monday, September 15, 2014

Face Rock Creamery

Last Tuesday afternoon we visited Face Rock Creamery while we were camping at the coast! 

"Face Rock Creamery specializes in making premium, hand crafted, gourmet cheese from start to finish. Stop by and watch our Creamery Technicians and of course sample the end product!"

Day 15 of my 17 Day Diet + Dairy Intolerance = BAD idea to visit a Creamery with samples of GARLIC CHEDDAR CHEESE CURDS… I couldn't resist.  I'm still congested but it was worth it! 

The lady at the Cranberry Sweets, the candy store we stopped at just before the creamery, told me to make sure I purchase the "Kid's Cones" at the Cheese Factory and that I would thank her. . . They were only $1.50 each + .25 for a waffle cone and she wasn't kidding! I had to special request that "extra small kid's cone" for Bud!