Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coquille River Lighthouse

This past Tuesday afternoon we went on a little field trip to explore and tour the Coquille River Lighthouse which was only three miles from our campsite! Captain, Ranger, Twinkle Toes and I rode our bikes down to the lighthouse and Sean met us their with the little ones. We switched places heading back so he could enjoy the beautiful bike ride too! Rose made it half way up the steep stairs before deciding she'd rather not see the Lantern Room. The five eldest (only three were allowed up at a time so we went in shifts) all loved the tour! 


"Construction for the Coquille River Lighthouse first began in 1891. There were a number of delays that kept the lighthouse from finally being lit on February 29, 1896. In 1939, just 43 years later, the lighthouse was abandoned - its duties were replaced by an automated beacon. The lighthouse was forgotten for some time, and then in 1976 the US Army Corps and the Oregon State Parks renovated the lighthouse.

Like the other lighthouses on the Oregon Coast, the Coquille River Lighthouse was home to a number of stories through the years. The schooner "Moro" struck the bar in 1897. After all the cargo was emptied from the ship, they still couldn't free it. Moro was a total loss. Then in 1905 another schooner, "Advance," hit the north jetty almost hitting the lighthouse. Fortunately this schooner was set free shortly after. In 1936, the town of Bandon was destroyed by a large forest fire - only 16 buildings were left standing!"




  1. Looks like a great place to visit!

    2014-09-14 20:07:01

  2. Wow, did you bring all your bikes with you?!

    2014-09-15 05:07:56

    1. We brought four bikes and a couple scooters along. Our bike rack will actually hold five bikes, but right now we only have four.

      2014-09-15 07:27:11


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