Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to {Home} School Giveaway :: Saint Magnus, The Last Viking

To celebrate the new school year I'm hosting a giveaway each day this week (September 1st-7th) featuring educational products and books! Today's giveaway is sponsored by author Susan Peek!

Come back in time 900 years, to the fierce and desolate Northern lands, where Norsemen ruled with ax and sword. A dying king, a shocking death-wish, his heirs divided with an oath of blood . . .

As I'm sure you can tell from our book collection, our family loves reading books about the lives of the saints! Back in 2006, at our annual All Saints Party, our oldest son won a copy of The Last Viking, an audio story about St. Magnus of 12th-century Scotland. Our boys were a little young for the dramatic story at the time and we found that we needed to skip over a couple parts, but it made a huge impression on them and the following year our oldest choose to dress up as this inspiring martyr for our 2007 All Saints Party. St. Magnus has been one of his favorite saints ever since!

I had not been able to find a children's book on St. Magnus and was so excited when I received an email from author Susan Peek (who was also the writer of the audio/radio play The Last Viking!) asking if we'd like a review copy of Saint Magnus The Last Viking, the first book from her new book series entitled God's Forgotten Friends: Lives of Little-known Saints. She kindly sent an autographed copy to our oldest son for his birthday and also included an extra copy for me to offer to my visitors here at Shower of Roses!

Book Description from the Back Cover:

In this fast-paced new novel by the highly popular Susan Peek, the conflict unfolds between Magnus Erlendson, a heroic young prince aflame with the love of God, and his outlawed cousin Hakon, who blames Magnus for his banishment from their kingdom. What follows is a tale of betrayal and revenge, bravery and forgiveness, as Magnus seeks to restore his father's vanquished kingdom to its rightful hands. Entertaining and inspiring from start to finish, a must read for all those who thrill to learn the life of a saint we never knew existed!

The book is recommended for ages 15 and up, but our oldest just turned 14 and is currently reading and enjoying this story written especially for boys.

Susan is also the author of several young adult Catholic saint novels including Crusader King: A Novel of Baldwin IV and the Crusades published by TAN Books in 2003 and A Soldier Surrenders: A Novel of Saint Camillus published by Ignatius Press in 2007, both which I purchased for our oldest son's Easter basket last year. We are looking forward to reading the rest of her upcoming books about God's Forgotten Friends!

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