Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet the Masters :: Claude Monet

"People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love. "
~ Claude Monet

Our unit study on Claude Monet was the perfect way to wrap up Track A and was unanimously the most loved art project from the year! The children were all so amazed at what they could create with just three colors of paint. We are looking forward to meeting new artists this upcoming school year as we move on to Track B in Meet the Masters.

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Claude Monet (moe-NAY)
French Painter  (1840-1926)

Monet earned the title, "Father of Impressionism" by leading innovative artists to break with tradition and see the world with a fresh eye where light and color reigned. The techniques of Impressionism were discovered through viewing the masterpieces created by Monet.

Art Activity Emphasis: Impressionistic Painting, Color, Theory, Color Wheel
Media: Tempera Paint, Q-tips

Vocabulary: Impressionist, Warm/ Cool Colors, Palette, Canvas, Complementary, Critique, Analogous, Water Landscapes, Reflection

.: Art Supplies :. 

One Paper Plate
One 9"x12" sheet of light blue construction paper
One 12"x18" sheet of newsprint (placemat)
Four Q-tips (plus lots of extras!)
Paper Towel
Red, Yellow and Blue Tempera Paint

.: Practice Technique - Monet's Colors :. 

The Color Wheel: We learned all about the color wheel, how the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) are the only colors necessary to make a secondary color (orange, green or violet), and practiced creating secondary colors with primary crayons.

Color Feeling: The kids also used colors and shapes to illustrate feelings. 

Color Relationship: We learned that colors which are close together on the color wheel are called Analogous colors.

.: Art Project - The River :. 

by Rose (age 4)

Somehow Snuggles' tree caught on fire! You know, with the thunderstorm outside and it being fire season and all... 

I couldn't resist joining the fun too... We are ALL learning so much about art and all the Master Artists! 

Top Row: Ranger and Rose
Middle Row: Chiquita, Captain and Snuggles
Bottom Row: Mom and Twink

.: Additional Reading :. 

From our local library:
Who was Claude Monet? (not pictured) 

Since the children enjoyed studying this artist from Track A of Meet the Masters the most, I ordered Twelve Monet Bookmarks to give them as a special little gift on the first day of school next week.  I'll probably slip one or two into each of their Back-to-School Schultütes.