Monday, August 4, 2014

Looking Down…

… 110 feet, from the top of a lookout tower.  Apparently it doesn't look like there is much work left to do (at least at the fire complex where my husband has been working - we have smoky skies here at home) and he will be heading home tomorrow!

Fire Lookout Tower - Built in 1944 


  1. St. Anthony, ora pro nobis! (he's the patron of folks in high places, which Mary Rose tells me - she learned that he is the patron of paratroopers!) Did he look out and quote Saruman while he was up there? ;-) SO glad to hear he will be coming home soon! Deo Gratias, and hooray for all of you!

    2014-08-05 13:12:42

    1. I asked him that when he called home yesterday morning, Kimberlee, and his reply was "Who asked that?!" :) (Knowing that it most likely wasn't me.) We are all so thankful that he is safely home again!

      2014-08-06 15:31:15

  2. Hurrah! That is great news. :-)

    2014-08-05 15:58:28

  3. GULP

    2014-08-07 03:26:59


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