Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Play-Doh Party

I posted this picture over at Instagram earlier today: Trying to sell her (anti-play-dough) mom on the awesomeness of this "36 Piece Dough Go Around" she chose as her raffle prize at Young Hunters Day this year... I think we will be heading straight outside as soon as we put it together!

It was way too hot to play outside so we covered the table with a plastic table cloth and broke open the play-doh.  Play-doh ranks somewhere near the top of my least favorite toys list, probably due to the time I was picking it out of the carpet one winter back when our home was still only 1,000 square feet, mostly carpeted, and I only had three small toddlers… That was probably about ten years ago. It all went in the trash after that, and other than buying some for a recent baby shower game and some play-doh that made it's way into our home from a friend in 2010 (when Rose was only a few months old) we've stuck with just Modeling Beeswax. (We all love Modeling Beeswax and the kids have made all sorts of things including Carnivorous Plants, Firemen, and ever Our Lord's Resurrection. Not to mention all the girls creations for many of the letters Along the Alphabet Path.) Anyways, we didn't have any plans for today so Rose convinced me to finally break open her prize. 

Rose wasn't the only one who enjoyed the Play-doh.  

In no time all seven of the kids were playing together! 

The older boys looked like they were having even more fun than the little ones!


It kept them all busy for hours and was definitely worth the mess.