Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pictures from the Parade


  1. Wow that parade is much better than the one here!

    2014-07-13 02:44:05

    1. The Bagpipes were a really nice addition this year, but my kids always come home with WAY too much candy! This year it was well over 400 pieces. . . Yep, they counted them. lol (and of course it was a couple days after I restarted my diet - can you believe I didn't even touch one piece, not even the Snickers or Reese's!) Now I just need to buy a piñata and plan a party! ;)

      2014-07-13 02:51:08

  2. The "fire dog" is soooooo adorable!!!!! My daughter would LOVE him!!!! Oh, what will Captain be having for his upcoming birthday?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!???? I always enjoy seeing your kids' birthday parties and your AMAZING cakes!!!!!! :)

    2014-07-13 19:12:06

    1. I just love that picture of the fire dog! :)

      As for Captain's birthday. . . I don't know!!!

      Sean and the two oldest boys actually left early yesterday morning and are up in Idaho! They attended Mass at his brother's parish (Captain's Godfather!) this morning, and are at the reception following the parish Confirmations (with our Archbishop!) this afternoon. The camp starts in the morning and they will drive home next Saturday, getting home late at night, just before the Sunday birthday. (The girls camp starts on Sunday and I'm still so tempted to just get in the car and drive up with the rest of the kids. . . ) Anyways, he is turning 14 and never did tell me what type of theme (if any) he wanted. I'm running out of time to decide!

      2014-07-13 21:50:17

    2. Oh, I hope he would still want a themed birthday party! One is NEVER too old for birthday parties!!!! :) If he doesn't give you any ideas, I guess you should just think of what he's been most into as of late or over the last few months or so. What is the camp that the boys are attending and then the girls???? I assume it's the same place, just segregated by gender the different weeks. I checked out the link to Captain's first communion! How cute all the kids were but "ugh" on the illnesses! I wish we could get an FSSP priest nearby! We have yet to have access to any Latin Mass within a 2 hours drive in any direction! It's saddening.... We need Sean's brothers this way!!! :)

      2014-07-14 01:18:00


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