Thursday, June 12, 2014

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We hiked the Gorge trail last Saturday and it was incredibly pretty… and pretty terrifying! I was thankful for the safety fences along the trail, especially hiking with all the children, and that we had chosen a campsite (at our campground upstream from the Gorge) that wasn't along the River. 


Happy Campers


While we were roasting marshmallows, Captain pulled back his stick too quickly to check his marshmallow and all the outer layers flew off the stick and landed right behind him! 

His Dad told him that a two prong roasting stick (like I was using) was probably a better idea.  

He grabbed another stick and made his own.


Of all of our children, Rose definitely likes camping the least.  

She did like sitting in her Grandma's reclining chair and watching the river at their campsite!

When I asked our little princess if she liked camping she hesitantly said, "yyyyes…" 

… and when I asked if she would you like to go camping again she said, "ummm, maybe NOT!" 

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  1. I'm with Rose on this one!

    2014-06-12 16:40:25

  2. What a beautiful place! Those photos of your reluctant camper are hilarious.

    2014-06-12 16:51:06

  3. Camping isn't my thing either, but maybe Rose would like camping better if she wasn't feeling so poorly!! Hope everyone is feeling better!

    2014-06-13 02:35:19

  4. Where is this place? Looks like that is a beautiful place.

    2015-06-04 09:23:50


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