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Feasts & Seasons :: Our June Book Basket

At the beginning of each month I fill a basket with books featuring the the various saints whose feast days will be celebrated during the month and place it in the living room. Throughout the month I will find the children curled up on the couch reading books they have chosen from the basket, either on their own or to their younger siblings. I also choose books from the basket for some of our afternoon family read-alouds. Our collection started very small and we have continued adding additional books over the years which we have either purchased or have been given as gifts. Some are picture books, some are chapter books, and some are collections of saint stories. This post is a work in progress and I will continue adding links as I sort through our collection.

Month Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

 The Story of the Sacred Heart by Daniel A. Lord, S.J. - Originally post: The Catholic Child and the Sacred Heart

June 1st, St. Angela Merici (Trad.) (New – January 27th):

June 3rd, St. Charles Lwanga & Comps. (New, Trad./some places):

June 3rd, St. Kevin (Hist.):

June 3rd, St. Clotilde (Hist.):

June 6th, St. Norbert (New, Trad.):

June 9th, Our Lady, Virgin Mother of Grace:

June 9th, St. Columba (Trad./some places):

June 9th, St. Ephrem of Syria (New) (Trad. – June 18th):

June 10th, St. Margaret of Scotland (Trad.) (November 16th - New):
  • Margaret by Sister M. Juliana of Maryknoll (Neumann Press - preorder from TAN)
  • St. Margaret: Queen of Scotland (The Book of Saints and Heroes) by Andrew Lang

June 13th, St. Anthony of Padua (New, Trad.):

June 15th, St. Germaine Cousin (Hist.):

June 21st, St. Aloysius Gonzaga (New, Trad.):

June 22nd, St. Thomas More (New) (Hist – July 9th):

June 24th, Nativity of St. John the Baptist (New, Trad.):

June 29th, Sts. Peter & Paul; St. Peter the First Pope (New, Trad.) (St. Paul – Trad. – June 30th; see below for St. Paul book list):

June 30th, St. Paul, the Apostle (Trad.) (See June 29th)

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (New – Saturday following 2nd Sunday after Pentecost):

Other Links for June:


  1. Thank you for helping me create a great home library... a "Saintly Library"! :)

    2014-07-01 20:04:07

    1. You are welcome! I'm so glad to hear our lists have been helpful! God bless!

      2014-07-10 15:17:07

  2. You always find the best books! Hope today is going well for you.

    2014-07-02 01:38:08

  3. Great work! You are now on my favorite blog list. Check out my blog to see the link: From your whol food-y! Janie Lynn

    2014-07-02 16:48:31

    1. Thank you, Janie Lynn! I clicked over to your blog and your recipes look great!

      2014-07-10 15:19:28

  4. Thank you for all of these book lists! Any ideas to share for St. Maria Goretti (July 6)?

    2014-07-04 22:58:58

    1. I somehow missed including them and I'll update the post when I get back to the computer. In the meantime you can find a couple suggestions here:

      2014-07-04 23:04:54

    2. Thank you! Hope you're feeling a little better and gradually healing from the miscarriage.

      2014-07-04 23:08:01

    3. Thank you, Eliana! I have been focusing on eating healthy and exercising and I am starting to feel a little better. God bless!

      2014-07-05 19:00:21

  5. I received the St.Clothilde book for Christmas. Joan

    2018-06-01 21:03:05

  6. The St. Margaret books are an interest to me since that is my middle name(named after my paternal grandmother who died when my father was seven years old.) Marion

    2018-06-01 21:06:09

  7. Thank You for this list of books. I would like to read all of them. Love to read books about Saints. Marilyn

    2018-06-01 21:07:56


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