Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunday Coastal Road Trip

Early Sunday morning, following a late night at Vegas in the Valley (the annual Hadley Hope Fundraiser) with my husband, four of the children and I headed to the coast to surprise their friends with one last visit before they started their long drive back home.

After a busy few weeks, I had planned to spend the weekend at home resting… Despite lack of sleep and the pouring rain on the windy road heading over, it ended up being such a beautiful and refreshing day!  It was so nice to spend time having fun with just these "middle children" of mine. I posted quite a few pictures on Instagram during our little road trip, but I have more to share here on the blog. You all need to come visit. It's so gorgeous here!

.: Early Morning Walk on the Beach :. 

.: Surprising Friends :. 

.: Playing on the Beach :. 

.: Whale Sightings :. 

.: Dressed up for Mass :. 

.: Fish & Chips :.

.: Beautiful Views :. 

.: Driving Home though the Redwoods :. 

.: A Stop at Stout Grove :. 

.: Rainbows :.

.: Dinner Out :.