Monday, April 28, 2014

Public Service Announcement

Be sure to check your Driver's License Expiration Date every so often (especially if you live in a state where driver's licenses are valid for years and the renewals can easily be forgotten) or you might unexpectedly find yourself with an expired license (over a year!) and need to ask your wife to drive you to the DMV so you can re-take both the written and driving tests! One test down, one more to go...

Happy Monday! 


  1. ooooh nooooo...not good. my daughter is studying for her written test now. I don't think I could do it very easily!

    2014-04-29 04:52:18

    1. It has been 17 years since he took the test last... He studied for about 30 minutes before and ended up only missing one out of the 35 questions! Much better than I would have done, I'm sure! Unfortunately the soonest they could schedule him anywhere nearby for the driving test is mid-May so it looks like we (I) will be driving two hours each direction to a more remote and less busy DMV... Our next challenge is finding a copy of his birth certificate... He didn't need it when he moved here (having another valid license at the time) and the only one we can find is the Non-Certified copy glued to a page in his baby book! It has been an interesting day! :)

      2014-04-29 04:59:47

  2. Dealing with the DMV any day of the week is not fun, but especially on a Monday! :-/ I hope you can track down that birth certificate! Ugggh! I'm sorry for having to endure such "adventures"!

    2014-04-29 10:17:44

  3. Oh Jessica tell him I sympathize! Same thing happened to me two years ago! I will pray you find his birth certificate!

    2014-04-29 11:07:06

  4. Ha! Mine expired, and I got pulled over for speeding. Not. Good. Thankfully, I got a reeeealy nice policeman who escorted me home (lights and all, not in the least bit embarrassing!) and my husband had to come home early from work to drive me to the DMV so I could get it all sorted out.

    2014-04-29 13:03:23

  5. Oh no!!!!!!! You have me scrambling to check mine..... Thanks for the heads up - it is hard to keep on top of everything in the midst of busy family life! I am right now panicking because I need to renew my passport but can't find my marriage license to do so.

    2014-04-29 15:08:02

  6. ha ha ha!! That made me smile. :o) Mine's due this October when I will be 8.5 months pregnant and no doubt 30+ pounds heavier than normal...I wonder if I can renew it early before I get all puffy and swollen.... :o) Becky

    2014-04-29 20:59:45

  7. Ugh ! How yucky ! I caught mine just before it expired but not early enough to renew by mail so the kids and I had a wonderful trip to the DMV. They still talk about all the um, unique , folks we saw there !

    2014-04-29 21:37:21

  8. LOL, that was mine a couple of months ago. They're so lucky to have us!

    2014-04-30 01:04:32

  9. I think I will add a calendar event for one month before my license expires. I think I'll do it for my husband and for our passports too.

    2014-04-30 12:13:53

  10. WOW, what a mess! So sorry you all have to go through this!! And thanks for the PSA! :) I can't even tell you when mine or my husband's expires!! But I'll find out right now.... On another note, a DMV such as that actually exists?? Yikes. THAT is the cleanest, nicest, fanciest DMV I've seen. And yes, I can tell just from that one pic ..When I moved "out east" I was shocked to find that the DMVs out here are not equipped with bullet proof glass, much to my shock..... LOL. But still, they're still pretty....well, unsavory... nonetheless. Good luck with the ordeal!!

    2014-04-30 13:32:06

  11. Been there, done that (unfortunately). I have also had to get replacement birth certificates, and it was a fairly easy thing to do via internet. You should look up the vital records dept. In the state he was born. Good luck.

    2014-04-30 15:20:37

  12. Oh, Jessica! Too funny! As I was sitting here tonight enjoying your plight with my husband we were laughing, thinking that with the six year term here in our state that we'd be likely to do the same thing. I was in tears laughing so much at what a situation that would be for me, especially having to go to the wicked w. of the west that two of our children have had to suffer. What! I am six months expired! I have to find a birth certificate and all of that, too! Well, at least it's only a half hour drive for us. Too funny. And, yes, thank you so much for the PSA, and please thank your husband for being a good sport.

    2014-05-09 05:18:08


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