Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Meet the Masters :: Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was the next Master Artist, following Mary Cassatt in our Meet the Masters Art Course this year. We completed this unit study at the beginning of March.  Each of the units has taken us about three hours to complete - one for the lesson/discussion, one for the worksheets, and one for the art activity.  We prefer spending one afternoon completing the units, but they could easily be broken up and spread out over the week or month. My goal for this year is to complete Tract A, which leaves us with just Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet before our summer break!

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Piet Mondrian (MON-dree-ahn) 

Dutch (1872-1944)

Mondrian's geometric, abstract art illustrated the balance of shapes and colors in modern art. After being introduced to the work of this master artist from Holland, the children imitated his expressive arrangements of colors, lines, and shapes.

Art Activity Emphasis: Balance of Shapes, lines, and colors
Media: Paper

.: Art Supplies :. 

Three 3"x3" squares of paper (1 each of red, yellow, blue)
Twelve 1/2"x12" strips paper (2 blue, 2 red, 8 yellow)
One 12"x12" sheet of light gray paper (we used cream)
One piece of scrap paper (for dab of glue)
One Q-tip
White glue

Note: The program suggested construction paper but we used card stock since I already had plenty on hand.  We didn't follow the instructions exactly - I need to start reading them ahead of time, and preferably not in the middle of (at that point unknowingly) fighting H1N1! ;) - but I thought the final results still turned out great.

.: Practice Technique  - Mondrian's Balance :. 

.: Art Project - Broadway Boogie Woogie :.