Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Big Purse Dump

Note: This post contains affiliate links. 

For today's 7 posts in 7 days blog entry I thought it might be fun to participate in Kendra's Big Purse Dump link-up.  My husband bought me a new purse for Christmas (Apparently it is called The Kendra Tote!) and I've been pretty good at cleaning it out on a regular basis... It doesn't contain anything nearly as interesting as Kelly's, but I'm going to share anyways.

I have my little Finders Key Purse Fleur Di Lis attached to my keys and hooked over the side of my purse.  Love, love, love that little hook! 

This purse has a large center section with an additional pocket on each side.  

On one side I have a couple of my black veils for Mass.  
Right now my purse also has one of the older girls' white veils and Rose's pink veil as well.  
(The girls received these pretty veils in last year's Easter Baskets.) 

In one of the inside pockets I keep some kleenex and Zyrtec.  I usually try to have travel packs of Zyrtec, but ran out recently and just put in the whole container.  I've had some pretty bad allergic reactions this year (due to my angio-edema) and my husband has started making sure I've got Zyrtec in my purse at all times or he'll turn the car around and go back home to pick it up... Thankfully the Zyrtec has been enough to keep the reactions under control. 

I've been using Rose's rosary case (for my St. Therese Rosary) and need to order another.  

In the center section, underneath my wallet, was all the random items that had sunk to the bottom: a couple fruit leathers, my camera lens cover, Baby Shower favor, loose change, a notebook/pen, Pocket Posh Logic, a couple hair ties, pens, tide stain remover, the Bible Candy Valentine Snuggles gave me, and a packet of TAZO zen tea, the (now expired) Costco coupon booklet, and the brand new Lent at Ephesus CD

In one of the end pockets I have a little Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works.  

In the other side pocket I have a few books, including my Catholic Daily Planner, The Context of Holiness, and a copy of a little pamphlet my husband put together of Frequently Asked Questions About the Latin Mass to hand out at our next bi-monthly Extraordinary Form Mass. 

-It's my favorite thing in here: So many favorites... I love my Key Hook, but I also love my Catholic Daily Planner.  The Context of Holiness is quickly becoming another favorite. 

-Wow, I really have a lot of these: Pens.  Three loose in the bottom of my purse, one attached to the notebook, and two more inside my wallet, and yet I never can seem to find one when it's needed. 

-I've been looking for those: My camera lens cover!  I am constantly misplacing that thing and this time it ended up being in the bottom of my purse. 

-Huh. THAT shouldn't be in here: Nothing really too out of place at the moment, though the camera lens cover is back on the camera, the Costco coupons are in the recycle bin, and the girls veils are headed back to the Mass Bag in the van. I also have a diaper bag that stays packed in the van as well. 

And since there is "no cheating" allowed, I couldn't slip the two copies of Kendra's brand new book back into my purse, but they were in there last Wednesday after arriving in the mail.  A Little Book about Confession for Children is an excellent book!  A copy will definitely be going into our 6 year old's Easter basket this year and I'll be offering the other as a giveaway here sometime soon.  
(Speaking of giveaways, there is still time to enter the Sew Many Booties giveaway!)  

Congratulations on your new book, Kendra, and thanks for hosting the link-up!