Monday, February 24, 2014

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Missouri

"Show me an S
and I'll show you the Show Me State,
not with words, but so you can see
all the treasures, held dear, 
for I'm from Missouri.
I'll show you what it has shown me."
  ~ S is for Show Me: A Missouri Alphabet (affiliate link)

Missouri is the 24th State in our State-by-State Study. 

.: Missouri by Captain :.

.: Missouri by Ranger :.

*The links to the worksheets used for these notebook pages can be found here, and here is the link to all of our State-by-State Study posts including our State-by-State Baking!


  1. 2014-02-24 22:57:08

    Thanks for posting these scrapbook pages! Your idea inspired me to make a similar unit for my son, who is loving it! I had some curriculum questions. (I hope it is okay to ask them here, even though this post is not really curriculum related.) I wondered if you were still enjoying and seeing improvement in writing with iew. What was your view of Fix-It? Also did you enjoy the Apologia Astronomy book? Do you think it is too young for middle school? Thanks for any help. I also wanted to tell you about a Lenten idea my husband developed after we used your Summer Bingo idea last year. He calls it Lenten Bingo, and we are thinking of trying it out this year. It uses the same basic idea as Summer Bingo; the difference is that each person's chart is filled in with virtues they need to focus on, extra prayers or sacrifices to complete, and similar Lenten ideas. I think it will help everyone stay focused on daily spiritual goals. I was thinking of submitting this idea as a possible article idea in next spring's St. Mary's Messenger edition, but I wanted your approval in using your blog name as the source for the original Summer Bingo idea. Do you think this would be okay? Again thanks for all of your ideas and any help you can give. I hope things are going well for your family. You are in our prayers. God bless!

    1. 2014-02-25 04:46:25

      Yes, I am still loving IEW! Our 3rd grader is working her way through the Student Writing Intensive A and the three oldest are using the Continuation Course. It is an expensive program, but it has been so helpful to have Mr. Pudewa teach the classes for me. :) I did like (not love) Fix-It. The three oldest completed Level A and are taking a break from it now, focusing on Latin and some editing workbooks to give them a break. I always felt a little lost with Fix-It, since I had the tutor doing it with them, but it did seem very effective. We will probably go back to the next level in a year or two. Apologia Astronomy - I sold our book and don't plan to use it with my younger children. We enjoyed making the lap books and activities to go along with the text, but I didn't love the text. Next time I plan to try Focus on Elementary Astronomy and/or Focus on Middle School Astronomy.

      I look forward to seeing your Lenten Bingo in St. Mary's Messenger! You are welcome to credit Shower of Roses, though my version of Summer Bingo was not original and one of many. I'm glad you've enjoyed it in the past! Thank you for the comment and for the prayers! :) We have especially needed them this weekend, as we've all been fighting the stomach flu :/

  2. 2014-02-25 03:55:15

    Now you've gotta come and visit Missouri! (and us!) :)

    1. 2014-02-25 04:47

      Wouldn't that be so much fun?! :)


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