Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. Valentine's Day Cards & Party

I haven't had much time for blogging this past week but wanted to share some more pictures from St. Valentine's Day this afternoon, including the rest of the cards we made this year.  :) 

From Dad and Mom :: We Love You "Smore" Than You Know

From Captain :: Army Men Valentine Cards 

I'm not sure who had the most fun with these... Sean or Captain!  When Captain showed his Dad our inspiration he was more than willing to help find song lyrics for him to use on the cards.   He kept laughing out loud and would repeat a song lyric for me and then - in response to my blank stares - would say "You have to think of it in the context of GREEN ARMY MEN!"  ;) 

From Ranger and Chiquita :: Soda Pop Valentines

These were such a hit when we made them in 2012 that a couple of the children asked if we could give them again this year. 

From Twinkle Toes :: Conversation Heart Valentines

From Snuggles :: Bible Candy Valentines 

From Rose :: Madonna and Child Valentine Cards 

From Bud :: Veggie Tale Valentines 

All last week he carried around with his little box of Veggie Tale Valentines from the store, but I never did snap a picture of the cards before his older brother helped him pass them out.

.: A Few More Pictures :. 

Pizza, Card Exchange, and Valentine's Day Bingo 

Ice Skating and Stroller Rides

Not only did my husband surprise me with beautiful roses and chocolates, he also stayed up late the night before cleaning the kitchen and clearing the countertops! 

Sean was able to get off work a little early and meet us at the Ice Rink!  Then he and I were blessed to be able to go out to dinner, while the children spent some extra time with their friends.  After that the little ones and I headed to the store to get some things for a baby shower I was helping with on Saturday, while Sean took the oldest two to watch a Hockey game!  It was a packed day but filled with family, friends, and lots of love! 


  1. Sounds like the perfect Valentines! I LOVE all these ideas, I'm pinning this for next year!!!

  2. The army men valentines had me rolling up! What a great idea.

  3. your valentines are all so fun! I was cracking up reading the song lyrics and think I recognized every song, ha... REM, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi - good stuff! Are the soda can tags something you made, or did you find them online?

    1. We found them online :) the link is in the post, if you click on "these" underneath the picture.

  4. I love all the Valentines you did! They turned out amazing! Simeon did Spiderman ones that he also carried around all week! We tried your beautiful Madonna and Child ones, got a few pages printed, they are so beautiful, but then my printer ran out of ink and would not print even in black and white!

    SO my question for you is what kind of printer do you have? You must have a super printer! I'd really like to be able to print things like those awesome pop Valentines too!

    Looked like a perfect day! Glad you had a wonderful time!

    1. We have this Canon All-in-One Ink Jet that I purchased in 2010. I do a ton of printing and it has held up pretty well, though I've just recently started having some trouble with the paper drawer and a few other little things.

      I'm pretty sure that all Ink jet printers go through ink like crazy, but one way I've found to conserve is to always change the settings to the lowest possible quality (on my printer it is to print "fast"). I also always click grayscale when it's black & white so it doesn't try and use any of the color inks.

      One thing I like about this printer - compared to my last - is that the color ink cartridges are all individual. On my last printer it was an all in one cartridge and would no longer work if I ran out of just one of the colors (so frustrating!).

      For our cards this year I printed out two sheets of the color Madonna & Childs, and two black and white plus four sheets of tags for the back (they are in color, but not much text etc to print), one sheet of B&W labels for the bibles and one sheet with the tags on the back, two sheets for the Conversation hearts in color, 7 sheets of the color soda tags (6 on each sheet), one sheet of quotes for the Army Men Valentines (b&w but printed on cream colored card stock - he wrote his own labels for the back), plus two sheets in color for the "smore" labels for the kids. I guess that adds up to 17 color printed pages and 5 black and white for the 127 cards that we made. I had ink in the printer prior to starting and didn't run out! :) The last time I added ink was after printing the pages for our Mary Cassatt Unit Study - just the magenta had run out - and it still bugs me that the hat isn't the right color in that first blog post picture, like it should have been! ;)

    2. Thanks so much Jessica!! We have one of those if one colors runs out, it won't work!! (yes, it's frustrating!)

      I missed that Mary Cassatt unit study post, thanks for linking, I think they turned out so pretty!!

      Thanks for answering, I wrote the model down...I used to sell Canon copiers...oh, gosh a lifetime ago!

      God bless!

  5. Looks like a wonderful day and time! I am wondering when Snuggles grew up - He looks so grown up in this pic :)

  6. So cute Jessica. Great job as usual! Will do this one day! My kids would love the soda valentine's...we don't get a lot of soda...so slurp!!!

  7. I have a feeling that a lot of people will be linking back to your army men Valentines... So clever and funny!

  8. Love the army men and to know your husband has such a wonderful sense of humor! :)

  9. As usual, I am beyond amazed and impressed at how your children can implement your creative visions! All of the Valentine’s are so clever, artistic, and well done! I’m so glad that you all had fun enjoying this special holiday. God bless! :)

  10. Jessica, I LOVE your blog!! I read it almost everyday just to inspire me to keep trying to raise little saints. I am also leading a Little Flowers group and look at your site often to get ideas for our scrapbook pages. THANK YOU so much for sharing your beautiful journey with us! We know life isn't perfect but it's so wonderful to see a truly Catholic family trying to live their faith. You have inspired me so much!!


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