Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sew Many Booties {Sponsored Review & Giveaway}

Sew Many Booties offers unique, affordable and adorable home-sewn baby booties and toddler slippers in 4 sizes up to 24 months.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Angela through her blog and then at our home, along with her youngest daughter, when she traveled to attend the baby shower I was hosting for a mutual friend. She arrived with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a darling bouquet of baby clothes for Rose, who was my own little "bun in the oven" at the time! (Was that really over 4 years ago, Angela?) Anyways, it was such a joy to meet and visit with her in person! This past fall Angela sent me an email letting me know she had opened her Etsy shop and then sent the sweetest pair of booties as a gift, which I ended up giving Bud on the feast of St. Nicholas.  

Bud is quickly outgrowing booties, and surprisingly we have our biggest gap between babies right now, but many of my dear friends have recently delivered new little ones (or will soon) and I have ordered "Sew Many" Booties to give as gifts.  I love how cozy these booties are and that they actually stay on the baby's feet! Hopefully my friends will like them as much as I do! 

I have been pairing the booties with a matching burp cloth and/or a baby board book when I give them as a gift, and Angela does offer Baby Bundles in her shop.

  I had the above "Sweet Pea" set to give to Ranger's Godmother at the shower last weekend, but ended up saving the booties for another baby and gave her a pink pair instead, along with the board books (which doubled as shower decorations), pink baby clothes, and a pink blanket.  Originally they didn't know what she was having (they currently have 5 boys ages 18-11), but just before the shower she had an ultrasound and I just couldn't bring myself to stick with the green after we were all surprised to hear that the baby is a GIRL!   

My personal favorites for a brand new baby are the darling Baptism Infant Booties and, with a brother playing golf for OSU, I couldn't resist the College Football Golf Booties which will be a gift for my next niece or nephew, whenever he or she arrives.  

Sew Many Booties is currently offering 
to all my visitors here at Shower of Roses using code 
ROSES2014 at checkout!  
Expires March 15th. 

And now for the giveaway! 

Would you like to win a free pair of booties for your own baby or to gift to a friend? 
Sew Many Booties has offered to send a pair of booties of choice (excluding the Pendleton wool booties) to TWO of my visitors here at Shower of Roses!
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  1. 2014-02-22 18:30:17

    Oh my goodness the Fleece Baby Booties with the pink flowers would be awesome for our own little "rose" coming this August. Her middle name is going to be Therese and I would love, love, love a pair for her. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  2. 2014-02-22 19:06:20

    Oh fun! This would be perfect timing for me since our baby #5 arrived this week!

  3. 2014-02-22 19:07:53

    Great giveaway! These booties are wonderful, I especially like the grips on the bottom. Thanks again for sending some to Paul! Tell Angela to post a picture of the bottoms on her shop if she hasn't already. I didn't realize they had such nice soles until your package arrived. Would be great to win another pair for spring!!

  4. 2014-02-22 19:08:35

    And I'd love the pink pretty flowers booties!

  5. 2014-02-22 20:13:28

    Baby Boy Soft Sole Infant Shoes Newborn - 6 Months Fuzzy Green Farm Friends Baby Gift Soft Sole are super cute. I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and could definitely use a pair.

  6. 2014-02-22 20:34:42

    I love the new baby bundle corduroy ones for my new little man!

  7. 2014-02-22 20:39:21

    Pink ones for my niece!

  8. Katie (2014-02-22 20:40:48)February 4, 2022 at 6:17 PM

    Ooh... I'd probably get the 6-12 month flowers non-slip. Our baby girl is due in May :-)

  9. Love the OSU booties!

  10. I've been eyeing these booties! I'd love a pair of the gray corduroy ones in a 6-12 mo. size. So sweet!
    2014-02-22 21:08:09

  11. I like the new baby bundle with brown corduroy and dog pattern. Looks so cozy!

    2014-02-22 21:28:03

  12. Well, you know I could use these!! :)

    2014-02-22 22:13:23

  13. This was a tough choice (Seahawks and WSU Cougars being unavailable).:-) I'd go with the Denim & Choo Choo Trains to give as a gift to my nephew who is coming in May.

    2014-02-22 22:20:11

  14. There are "sew" many cute ones! But I think I would choose the Fleece Baby Booties Pink Birds, They are sew cute! and I don't think would show the dirt my little ones always seem to pick up. Thanks for the giveaway!

    2014-02-23 01:14:20

  15. Love the gray corduroy with dogs!!

    2014-02-23 01:52:55

  16. I actually thought the fleece baby booties - pink with birds were very cute. My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby and these would be perfect.

    2014-02-23 02:23:26

  17. I think I will choose the fuzzy green with farm friends. They look so cozy. Thanks Jessica and Angela

    2014-02-23 02:39:41

  18. I love the fleece flower booties for girls and the navy fleece for boys. The pink would be wonderful for our newest goddaughter!

    2014-02-23 02:43:46

  19. They are darling!!

    2014-02-23 02:48:18


  20. So cute. If my newest bun is a girl I would love the swirly girl booties. Will be bookmarking this shop for Christmas time.

    2014-02-23 04:05:42

  21. I think I'd probably go with the baptism booties.

    2014-02-23 06:10:58

  22. Love these! And there are lots of new babies arriving around here, they would definitely be of use!

    2014-02-23 06:21:44

  23. Adorable booties! Love the green chevron wool booties.

    2014-02-23 07:00:36

  24. So sweet! Our little guy would look cute in the Dino booties :)

    2014-02-23 08:27:09

  25. I remembered these booties from your St. Nicholas post. I thought they were so cute! She does such a beautiful job, whoever wins these will enjoy them very much. :)

    2014-02-23 13:27:39


  26. I love the toys/truck pattern for little boys and the monkeys for the girls :-)

    2014-02-23 14:48:11

  27. These are 'sew' cute! What a great gift idea!

    2014-02-23 19:58:29

  28. I love the swirly girl booties!

    2014-02-23 21:57:34

  29. I love the pink plaid booties! They're all so cute!

    2014-02-23 22:08:41

  30. I like the denim Mickey mouse ones and the green farm friends booties.

    2014-02-23 22:09:55

  31. I love the pink camo booties!! So cute!

    2014-02-24 00:17:44

  32. My almost 10 mo. old would love some booties! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    2014-02-24 01:07:08

  33. Love the large brown with plaid insides! (Though my little guy is 16mo, so I'm hoping she could hook me up with an xl!) thank you for the chance!

    2014-02-24 03:00:00


  34. Love the baptism christening ones. Also the zebra stripes with pink inside :) So cute all of them

    2014-02-24 12:22:47

  35. I love the fleece ones with the big pink flowers!

    2014-02-24 12:33:52

  36. The Baptism booties would be great for godparents to add to their shopping lists!

    2014-02-24 15:36:06

  37. Girls pink boots with pretty flowers

    2014-02-24 16:25:09

  38. I love the little brown cordouroy ones! ( did I spell that wrong?!)

    2014-02-24 19:12:59

  39. Adorable!

    2014-02-24 20:41:29

  40. Anything pink.......we have 4 boys & are expecting in Oct.........maybe it's a girl, or maybe I'd love some sweet baby blue!

    2014-02-25 02:23:01

  41. Purple Minky for my very first niece who is due in June!

    2014-02-25 14:06:31

  42. I'm expecting #5 in July and these booties are just adorable. Thanks!

    2014-02-26 12:56:16

  43. The lavender fleece ones are so cute! Thanks for having this giveaway!

    2014-02-26 23:05:32

  44. I love the white ones for baby's baptism - so beautiful!

    2014-02-27 19:27:22

  45. Would love a pair for a special friend's new baby!

    2014-02-28 19:51:14

  46. I'm expecting at the end of April, so I would choose the pair of baptismal booties--I always have a hard time finding something warm for under the antique gown! I have purchased her booties as gifts, so it'd be nice to have some for my own baby!

    2014-03-01 02:38:08


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