Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Meet the Masters :: Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt was the next Master Artist, following Vincent van Gogh, in our Art Course this year.   We completed this unit study last Saturday afternoon.  Each of the units has taken us about three hours to complete - one for the lesson/discussion, one for the worksheets, and one for the art activity.  We prefer spending a whole afternoon completing the units, but they could easily be broken up and spread out over the week or month.   My goal for this year is to complete Tract A, which leaves us with Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, and Claude Monet coming up this spring.

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Mary Cassatt (kah-SAHT) 

American (1844-1926)

Mary Cassatt was an American who traveled to France to study art. It was quite an accomplishment for a woman, and an American at that, to exhubit with the famous Impressionists. She beautifully painted portraits of women and children.

Art Activity Emphasis: Portraits, Hats
Media: Pastel on Colored Paper

.: Art Supplies :. 

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18" x 24" Newsprint (for practicing plaid/patterns)
Oil Pastels (we ended up using these oil pastels and not the pastels pictured above)
12" x 15" black paper (I only had 5 sheets, so Rose used brown)
6" x 9" sheet of skin toned paper (We used Ivory Card Stock trimmed to size) 
various Pastel Colored Construction paper (pale green. pale blue, pale pink, pale purple, etc) 
Scissors and Glue
Red Crayon or Red Colored Pencil
Paper Towel

.: Practice Technique  - Portraits, Hats, and Patterns :. 

.: Art Project - Girl In Large Hat :. 

.: Additional Reading :. 

 (This book, along with more of the Mini Masters, will be added to Easter Baskets this spring.)

Young Mother Sewing (1900)

During our lesson we identified and studied the "line of composition" in some of her paintings including Young Mother Sewing and Breakfast in Bed.

Breakfast in Bed (1897)

Color Your Own Mary Cassatt Masterpieces


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Meet the Masters! We have been bored with our art appreciation and my 9 yo loves to do art, but we were struggling to find something he enjoys without me spending countless hours searching online for ideas. This seems to fit everything that I need. I'm glad you have shared as I struggled to make sense of the program before this!!

  2. The kids did a fantastic job! You sure found a great set of art resources. Thanks for sharing such a cool find! You're the best.

  3. Mary Cassatt is one my fav Painters and i have many of her prints of Lydia (her Sister) Crocheting since i love to crochet~ the Kiddles did a wonderful job and as always enjoy reading your postings daily with my Morning Cup of Tea....God Bless


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