Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Conversation Hearts Bible Verse Valentines

The feast of St. Valentine is coming up and we've been busy creating Valentine Cards to pass out  to friends and family.  I've already shared our Bible Candy Valentines and today I wanted to show you the Valentines Twinkle Toes has been creating with Conversation Hearts!  After a quick search through the Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible we found a verse from 1 Peter that tied in nicely to the candies and then created tags to attach to each box.  

But according to him that hath called you, who is holy, be you also in all manner of conversation holy. 1 Peter 1:15

After cutting out the tags she punched a small 1/8 inch hole in each and tied them to the boxes of Conversation Hearts with some White Crochet Thread. (affiliate links) Like the Bible Candy Valentines, they were also quick and easy to make and turned out so cute! 


  1. Cute, cute - I recognize Picmonkey as I use it too - but I just realized they are pushing such a liberal agenda - noticed it on their blog....
    I still want to use their site, but is that wrong? ugh....anyone's opinion counts!

    1. Thanks! I thought they turned out cute! I do use Picmonkey occasionally but I don't read their blog. So disappointing, but sadly I'm not surprised. It's everywhere now...

  2. Jessica,
    This is a WONDERFUL idea! We love how you tied the conversation hearts into scripture for St. Valentines day. Great job, and great lesson for the children!


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