Thursday, December 26, 2013

On the Feast of Stephen. . .

Stephen's Feast and Saint Stephen from Saints: Lives and Illuminations

Today is the second day of Christmas and the feast of St. Stephen. 
I baked Podkovy (St. Stephen's Horseshoes) to celebrate! 

Good King Wenceslas by Jane Seymour and Good King Wenceslas by John Neale

Actually, after the first couple dozen, I got tired of rolling and shaping all those little horseshoes and used the rest of the dough to make one big horseshoe, adding some chopped up apple as well.   
We will be having the leftovers, with coffee and cocoa, in the morning. Yum!

This little cutie kept playing peek-a-boo with me while I was baking...

Mirkwood Elf Army
Coast Guard Patrol
Lake Town Chase

... and the older boys were all busy, busy, busy, assembling their new lego sets! 

Can you spot the Walkie Talkies in each of the pictures?  These were a last minute decision (when Rose reminded us that Snuggles really wanted a "Laughy Taffy" for Christmas - he was her Christkindl - that is, after I was able to figure out what she meant... Laffy Taffy? You mean candy? "NO! A Lauughyyy Taffyyyy!") and it has been the favorite Christmas gift for all the boys, since they discovered them peeking out of their stockings on Christmas morning.  In fact, I don't know why we didn't think that the girls (especially our oldest daughter, who is usually outside with her brothers) would love them just as much... 
Thankfully the boys have all been more than willing to share! 

For dinner, inspired by Miss Charlotte over on Facebook, we had Deep Dish Pizza, Salad and Sparkling Pomegranate juice.  You can also spot the boys trying to master the new Perplexus Balls in the background. :)  We are all very much enjoying our Christmas break! 

What kind of pizza does Good King Wenceslas prefer?
Deep pan, crisp and even!

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful and joyful Christmas too! 
I'll be back with more pictures sometime soon...


  1. We bought the Coast Guard Patrol Lego set for our middle son, 6 years old, this Christmas. He loves it and has already assembled it. A bonus was discovering the mini-sub which lowers from a hoist on the big boat. Lego is fab!

    1. I know! I also discovered the mini-sub after he had finished assembling it and thought it was so neat! My dad was in the Coast Guard (as well as a couple of my husband's brothers, they went to the Coast Guard Academy and served before they became priests) so I was very excited when Lego came out with this new set. It's definitely one of our new favorites!

  2. It looks like a wonderful Christmas AND Feast of St. Stephen! Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful, peaceful and lovely! Your family is so lucky to have a Momma that likes to bake!!!

  4. How lovely everything looks! Did you make up the King Wenceslas pizza riddle? I thought it was very good! May God bless you!

    1. No, I didn't. Charlotte actually shared it on Facebook. Her children found it inside one of their Christmas crackers. It's perfect!

  5. Their Aunt gave all four of my children walkie talkies and they play with them constantly!(I have one boy, 3girls)
    Merry Christmas!

    1. What a thoughtful gift from their aunt! Merry Christmas to you too! :)


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