Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Walking from the the church to the coffee shop, following Mass on All Saints Day...  
Someone was having fun with his big sisters! 


This past Sunday night we hosted a dinner at our home followed by a meeting for our "Latin Mass Committee"  - which included our pastor who brought along a seminarian, the pastoral associate, Father Kotas who travels from another diocese to offer the Latin Mass for us (along with his mother who had just flown into town for a visit), the president of our local Una Voce chapter, and Sean and I - to review this past year's masses and make plans for 2014.  Last year we were given Latin Masses once per quarter (4 masses total) and "happy" doesn't even begin to describe our joy over that number being increased to six masses in 2014, one every other month.  It still won't be weekly, or even monthly, but it IS a 50% increase over last year and such an incredible blessing.  Deo Gratias! 

And, yes, I couldn't resist serving a Cathedral Cake for dessert! :) 


Apparently our 3 year old figured out how to open the air vent in her room and thought it'd make a great place to hide the wrappers from the candy she has been sneakily eating! That little stinker!!!


Dress-up, Lincoln Logs, and the big kids were picking out a board game. I love relaxing evenings at home!  We are still recovering from our large All Hallows' Eve party and the busy weekend that followed.... Speaking of which I do plan to post about this year's party just as soon as I have a chance to sort through all the pictures! 

(Note: Here is the link to Rose's darling Reversible Silk Crown and Rose Fairy Pocket Playsilk.) 

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  1. There's even money in the air vent! She's too funny! How did you find that?

    1. hahaha! I KNOW!!! There was even a tootsie-roll covered dollar bill as well :)

      Captain was the one to make the discovery. He was shaking his head about it for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. I giggled when I saw the photo of Rose's air vent on Instagram, and still giggling. She's a girl after my 9 year old's heart. Still trying to figure out where she's stashed all of her candy, lol.

  3. So happy about the masses! That is great news!

  4. Wondering how we could get a Latin Mass at our church...

  5. Your joy for life is just wonderful. God bless you and thanks for the smiles.

  6. I truly enjoyed reading your update about the Latin Masses, we still have not made it to Mater Dei because it is quite a drive and I'm waiting until my husband is home to go with us.
    I'm eager for an update about being TV, Netflix free - we are doing some serious changes around here and I would love your honest thoughts on how this is going!

  7. Jessica, I always leave your blog with a smile! Happy weekend! +JMJ+

  8. Rose is a girl after my own heart! And she is just adorable on top of her fabulous sneaking skills! --Danielle

  9. Jessica, You mentioned recently that you wonder if your blog makes a difference...if it is worth it. While I consider myself a "traditional" catholic who thinks the sacraments are beautiful and rely on the saints for intercession and inspiration, I've never understood the Latin Mass to have a role in my life. In fact, for much of my childhood, the only exposure I had to the Latin Mass was one that was an unauthorized service that was held in opposition to the Pope. Your blog (and the work of Pope Benedict) has really challenged my thinking and pushed me to grow in my understanding and expression of my faith. While your crafts, gifts, recipes, and integrated approach to life are amazing and keep me coming back each day to read, I think that the Holy Spirit has a broader plan at work. Thank you for what you do!


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