Monday, October 28, 2013

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday morning, after Mass, we headed to the Pumpkin Patch!  Just like last year, we met my brother Brian and his family there, as well as my youngest brother David, Aunt Bridget and Uncle Shawn.  This year even my parents decided to drive out as well!  (I don't remember my dad ever going to the pumpkin patch with us as children, since we always went with our homeschool group.)  It was such a fun day! 

Family Picture with my Parents and Youngest Brother
Our Little Family :) 

.: Pony Rides :. 

Most of the different activities at this particular farm require "tickets" so the children each choose a couple things each from the list.  Riding ponies was at the top of the list for Snuggles and Rose.  

Bud, on the other hand, wasn't quite sure what they were and wouldn't go anywhere near the ponies! He loved the tire swings though! 

.: Corn Maze :.

I didn't have any plans to go in the corn maze again this year, especially after getting lost with Chiquita last year, but the workers ended up letting each of the older ones go in with a younger one so we had plenty of tickers and I decided to give it another shot.   

I was able to take one quick group picture (with Rascal's bubble gum popping on his face) before they were off and left Bud and I in the dust. 

Here are a couple pictures I posted on Instagram while we were lost in the maze.

Bud and I were enjoying spending time together... 

... and just as when he was too tired to walk any further Daddy showed up to help us find our way out! 

.: Shooting Galley :. 

The shooting gallery was a blast! Our short little Snuggles was about a foot shy of the height requirements, much to his disappointment, but the older boys (all of them!) were having a great time trying to hit the pumpkin targets. 

Brian, Rascal, David, Dad, Sean and Captain - Ready, Aim, Fire! 

It was so much fun to watch Brian *almost* hit that moving target! ;) 

And I couldn't resist giving it a shot.  I didn't hit the pumpkin, but it did go through the middle of the tire!  So close... 

.: Cousins :. 

All the kids piled up on the wagon for a picture with their sweet little cousin. 

.: Pumpkin Patch :. 

While everyone else was searching for pumpkins, Rascal was busy creating a Pumpkinman! 

Unfortunately, just as we were about to decide on some pumpkins, the clouds rolled in unexpectedly, the rain started, and we all headed straight to the car without leaving all the pumpkins in the field.Instead we picked up a few at Trader Joe's on the way home, following a relaxing afternoon eating pizza and assembling a puzzle with all everyone at Brian and Meagan's home.  

Now we just need to decide what to carve this year


  1. Looks like a great trip, we love going to the pumpkin patch! I enjoyed your lost corn maze photos on Instagram too!

  2. How do you have perfect lipstick in the CORN MAZE? ;-)
    Great family pictures!

  3. Amazing pumpkin patch!! Not nearly as cool as the ones up here in Vancouver, BC.

  4. How fun! We didn't get to go this year and I don't think we will make it. :(

  5. I love your pictures. You do have a super cute cute family. Looking pretty good yourself!

  6. Happy and Fun Pictures...Blessings to you all !!

  7. Don't you just love fall!? :-) its so so pretty... Bud is looking so big all of the sudden! He looks like he would make a good big brother....*hint* ;) lol. But those pics of you two lost in the corn maze are pretty precious.

  8. Thank you for your blog it always brings sunshine to my day.


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