Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating Michaelmas

St. Michael the Archangel Statue

.: Baking Michaelmas Cupcakes :. 

We have been making Devil's Food Cake and/or Cupcakes to celebrate Michaelmas since 2008!  Assisting St. Michael in defeating the Devil by stabbing "the Devil" with a cocktail (or more commonly Playmobil) sword is looked forward to by all the children, especially a certain little boy who celebrates his "name-day" on this feast! 

I had lots of helpers this year, including St. Michael! 
(which Snuggles received for his birthday this year)

Yes, that was me back behind the church in the mud and rain (we currently are having the rainiest September, ever) after Mass, cutting a few blackberry branches to use as decorations! ;)

.: Coloring St. Michael:. 

Thank you, Miss Charlotte, for the Archangel coloring pages

.: Michaelmas Blackberry Cobbler :. 

I ended up making a blackberry cobbler too since, according to tradition (and Joanna Bogle in her Book of Feasts and Seasons), "blackberries are no good to eat after September 29th because 'the Devil spat on them when he was cast out of Heaven into Hell on Michaelmas'!" I just posted the recipe over at Catholic Cuisine

.: Apple Puff Pancakes :. 

We usually make Apple Chicken, Steamed Carrots, and Angel Hair Pasta for Michaelmas, but Snuggles requested Apple Puff Pancakes and breakfast for dinner sounded perfect today! 
(Especially since Sean worked all weekend, trying to get in as many of this pay period's hours in case we do have a government shutdown this coming week... Praying hard for this intention and trying not to worry...)

Once again I had lots of help...

Thankfully I had some big helpers who helped with the dishes and the last of the clean up, so I could take a little break from the kitchen!  

.: A Few More Pictures :. 

And because we look for any excuse to blow out candles in our home... we lit seven candles for Snuggles 7th name-day and everyone took turns blowing them out! :) 

After that it was time to draw the swords! 

Happy Michaelmas! 


  1. Happy Michaelmas to your family as well, I love the Devil's Food Cake with tiny swords - so cute! We had our Parish Family Fest so our day got wrapped up in that endeavor. We discussed it, but plan to do our coloring sheets from Charlotte today (I love her coloring sheets).

  2. Where did you get your adorable Saint Michael Doll? So Cute!

    1. I purchased it from Zelie Dolls. Their prices have recently increased from $35 to $50 each... plus shipping, but they are well made. We also have Blessed Imelda and St. Therese (and a St.Catherine stashed away for a future gift). :)

  3. What wonderful traditions! My boys would LOVE to stab the cupcakes. I am imagining a huge crumb-fest afterward though, because I doubt they'd stop at just a quick "stab", LOL.

  4. How about Angel Food cake?!? : )

    God bless,

    1. We always have Angel Food cake on Oct 2nd - our Anniversary and the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels. Of course it is fitting for the Archangels too - but then the kids wouldn't get to assist St. Michael in defeating the Devil by stabbing "the Devil" (cupcake).

  5. We had a big Michaelmas party with families from Church yesterday and I brought the devils food cake and swords. Huge hit! Thanks for the idea!

  6. You just gave me the best ideas for a menu for St. Michael's feast day! I love it! We are on it next year. We celebrated it by eating out- where my son insisted as it's his day as well. But next year I am definitely going to try and whip up some of these tastey looking treats. Thanks!

  7. I know this is an older post, But I was wondering if there was a reason behind making the apple chicken for Michaelmas? I'm newer and looking for as much information behind all the things!


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