Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back-to-School Schultütes {Simplified}

Back in 2009 I was inspired by Barbara to start making Schultütes to give to our children at the beginning of the school year and have continued this tradition ever since.  Each year they have looked a little different, but have always been made from poster board and filled with lots of goodies and new school supplies.  That first year I only made them for our four oldest, but as the years have passed, and we've had more children, that number has increased.  My "pre-schoolers" don't like to be left out of all the fun, so this year I had SEVEN Schultütes to assemble.  A couple weeks ago when I was at the store, I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on all that poster board (I have too many other projects I'm trying to work on around the house and have been cutting back on craft supplies in the meantime) so I nearly skipped making them this year.  Instead I decided to try and use some of my excessive stash of 12x12 scrapbooking paper to make smaller simplified versions!  They were so quick and easy to make.  I filled them with a few treats and our children loved them just as much as always!   


Paper - I used 12x12 scrapbook paper for this year's cones
(poster board works great for larger cones)
Glue Stick and Scissors
Stapler & Decorative Tape (optional) 
Tissue Paper and Ribbon
Variety of Treats and School Supplies

  1. Apply glue to one end of the paper. I used a glue stick (instead of a hot glue gun) since my cones were smaller this year.
  2. Roll the paper into a cone shape and trim the point off the top of the cone to make it flat. 
  3. Secure the top with a couple staples.  
  4. Cover the seam with a strip of decorative tape if desired.   (I cut a piece of patterned duck tape for the boys cones and some pretty nesting doll tape for the girls similar to this!) 

I had a few fun school themed supplies and snacks (they haven't had before) for each of the children (you can see Twinkle Toes' pictured above) but the notebooks and color pencils ended up not fitting.   I kept them out and gave those to each of the children separately.   I didn't use them this year, but you can find my printable Schultütes treat tags in this post.

I wrapped the treats in some white tissue paper, tying the top with some curly ribbon, and then slipped them into each cone.  

I gave each of the older children a Holy Card from Saints Galore with A Student's Prayer in Honor of St. Anthony.  

Playmobil Child's First Day of School 

Oh!  And check out these little playmobil figures!   I had to order a set as soon as I saw them to give to our little ones.  (Thank you Alison! They were a hit!)

I also quickly assembled some Back-to-School Treats with my printable and everything was ready for Tuesday morning, our "official" first day of school this year.   I'll be back with the rest of our back-to-school photos soon!


  1. So happy to hear the Playmobil was well received! The back to school pictures of the kids are great :)
    God's blessing in your school year, Alison

  2. These are beautiful! I intended to do these for my kids this year, but we moved and had a baby in August and any "extras" kind of fell by the wayside if I didn't already have the supplies, and I had no poster board! What a great a idea to use scrapbook paper. I can't get over the Playmobil - how absolutely adorable! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, I don't comment often enough but I read all your posts!


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