Thursday, July 4, 2013

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Yesterday we spent the day at my parents home and Rose enjoyed picking flowers with Grandma.


Sean had to work last Saturday, but the kids and I spent the morning with my two youngest brothers watching our hometown parade and then the afternoon swimming at my brother Brian's house!

The kids loved watching the parade, and they were all very happy when the employees from the local building supply store handed out full size candy bars to each of them!

7 kids + sitting where the parade begins = enough candy to fill a piñata! 



Bud was so cute playing peek-a-boo with himself at the doctor's office on Sunday, 
 as we waited for the doctor to remove his stitches! 


Bud's injury wasn't to be the last of the "excitement" for the month of June...  On Friday this poor little baby deer was stumbling around our yard... We gave him water and called both the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and the Department of Fish & Wildlife and basically neither of them do anything to help save injured deer.   I was told that if they came to pick him up "he would just be Euthanized and his best chance for survival is to hope that the mother isn't dead already (from trying to save her baby from whatever attacked him) and that she will try and find him during the night once it is safer and has cooled down.  Otherwise this baby will just become food for some other animal (i.e. cougar)."  Ugh!  It was really hard to tell the children that we had to just let him go... 

Right after that I was sitting on the porch and Rose was playing with Snuggles on the swings when she did a face dive resulting in yet another mouth injury.  She had torn the frenulum on the top and had put a few of her bottom teeth nearly all the way through her bottom lip. Thankfully, she didn't have any loose or broken teeth, since it was on the inside of her mouth she didn't need stitched, it has healed amazingly fast, and we haven't had any injuries yet this week!   

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Happy 4th of July! 


  1. Oh, poor Rose. I guess all these little boo boos are a part of life we can't avoid...although some days seem worse than others. My littlest guy who is almost 3, fell off the hammock and bumped his head and then later tripped and scratched his little knee.

    What a fun day at the parade. God bless and happy 4th of July!

  2. Glad this week was easier on you. The parade looks like so much fun. We have a big parade on Memorial Day and my kids are all about collecting candy there, too.

    I had a dream that we made plans to meet up at a homeschooling conference in the North West. We had such a good time. When I told Drew about it, he said, "You know what that was...a really good dream. It ain't going to happen." LOL. I tried selling him on the idea by telling him about the rocky coast, 20 legged starfish and really huge trees. He reminded me that we have already been to Maine, we have starfish, too, and if I lay on the ground under one of our old pine trees it will look just as big. Hahaha, I'm thinking he isn't going for this idea.

  3. You sure are having your share of injuries! I am also crossing my fingers we are done with "all that excitement!"

    great pics of kiddos!


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