Thursday, July 25, 2013

On the Feast of St. James

A new Missal Cover from Catholic Embroidery for one of the boys on the feast of his patron saint...

... a new madeleine pan and cookbook for moi... 

...and delicious madeleines "St. James Shell Cakes" for the whole family! 
(To be served with ice cream right after our dinner of shell shaped pasta
 with homemade sauce, dinner rolls, and garden salad.) 

Happy Feast of St. James! 


  1. Jessica, you are marvelous! +JMJ+

  2. Great idea with the shells! And the icon... Happy nameday to your son :)

  3. Oh, Madeleines are my favorite! One of those delights that I truly miss from my time in France. Are they hard to make?

  4. Yum! Would love to try that recipe! Unfortunately I dont do as much baking as I'd like since the weather is so hot here. I would love to know the recipe of your homemade sauce. Have you ever posted it on Catholic Cuisine?

  5. Sounds delicious-the Madeleines are so pretty!


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