Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression Unit Study and Lap Book

I was adding one last picture to this post earlier when something went wrong and it all (the whole post!) disappeared...  I nearly gave up - these types of posts, filled with pictures and links, are too much work the first time, let alone the second - but I started over anyways.  Hopefully I remembered to add back everything and you all enjoy this little peek at the boys' Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression Unit Study.  They completed it during our 4th quarter of last school year and this unit study wrapped up all my original plans, though we are continuing on with a quick study of World War II and the 20th Century this summer, before returning to Ancient History in September.  


Core Text: 
  • From Sea to Shining Sea (Chapters 18: The Wild West, Chapter 19: Land of Steel and Steam, and Chapter 20: Catholics in America) 

Lap Book Printables:

Additional Books read by the Boys: (You can see our original book list here.) 

Catholics in America

The Transcontinental Railroad
Henry Ford
My children love reading the Childhood of Famous Americans series - Our library doesn't carry them but we have slowly been building our collection.
Theodore Roosevelt
Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Orphan Trains
The Wright Brothers
Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty

  • 850-1917 St. Frances Xavier Cabrini 
  • 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt
  • 1858-1955 St. Katharine Drexel 
  • 1862-1869 The Transcontinental Railroad 
  • 1863-1947 Henry Ford
  • 1867-1957 Laura Ingalls Wilder 
  • 1867-1912 & 1871-1948 Wilbur & Orville Wright
  • 1867 “Custer’s Last Stand”
  • 1886 Statue of Liberty
  • 1891-1927 Blessed Miguel Pro
  • 1892-1943 Ellis Island
  • 1898 Spanish-American War
  • 1903 1st successful, powered, piloted flight April 
  • 1906 San Francisco Earthquake 
  • 1914-1918 World War I
  • 1914 The Panama Canal
  • April 14-15, 1912 The Titanic Sinks
  • Jan 26-Feb 2, 1925 The Serum Run to Nome
  • 1927-1941 Mount Rushmore
  • 1929-1930s The Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression
  • 1934-1937 Oklahoma Dust Bowl 
  • 1939-1945 World War II
I asked the boys to choose five people or events from the list above to add to their History Through the Ages Record of Time timeline book during this unit.  Here are a few pictures of their entries:

Rascal's Timeline

Captain's Timeline

*I ordered this Statue of Liberty but I decided to save it for Christmas... 

The Empire State Building
Building the Sopwith Camel 



Left Flap:
  • Timeline
Center Folder: 
  • Women Suffragists
  • The Amendments
Right Flap: 
  • Transcontinental
  • The Indian Wars


Left Flap:
  • What Would An Immigrant See?
Center Folder: 
  • The Orphan Trains
  • Seward's Folly
  • Grandma's Goodies
Right Flap: 
  • Chicago's World's Fair
  • Henry Ford



Left Flap:
  • Visiting Mount Rushmore
Center Folder:
  • The Oklahoma Dust Bowl
  • Disasters
Right Flap:
  • Serum Run to Nome
  • Getting to know Frank Lloyd Wright


1925 Serum Race to Nome
Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright


The boys also wanted to include a couple pictures from our visit to Mount Rushmore back in June of 2006!  On our way home from one of my brother-in-laws ordinations in Nebraska we decided to take a "little" detour to visit this National Monument.  We were younger crazy back then... and ended up driving over 2000 miles in 36 hours, taking turns and driving through the night, with our 4 little ones, arriving home the next evening.  

(Click on the pictures to enlarge.) 

Our swimming lessons have been cancelled for the rest of this week, due to the thick smoke and hazardous air quality, which is freeing up a little time to get back to our summer World War II Study since we must stay indoors anyways..  Please continue to pray for all those affected by the fires and especially for the safety of the firefighters.

Now back to decluttering our bookshelves... I have a Curriculum Sale Blog Hop to host tomorrow!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Daybook :: July 29, 2013

Outside my window... 
our garden is actually growing!  And, look! We have a little watermelon!!!  (and quite a few others that are just starting to grow!) We still have so much to learn about gardening, but so far this year is going better than last.   The plants that have been growing the best (like the watermelon and sunflowers) were the ones we planted with St. Clare Heirloom Seeds.   I'll have to take some more pictures of the garden to share soon.  Now if I could just figure out how to keep the bugs from eating all the flowers (Zinnias, etc) just as soon as they bloom... any suggestions?

I am thinking...        
about the 7 posts in 7 days challenge.  It was hard.  I know I would not have made the time to blog much otherwise, with how busy we have been lately. I am really glad I participated.  I probably won't be posting every day this week! ;)   I would like to get back to posting each weekday, but that will all depend on how much we are home, and this week is going to be busier than last.  We'll see!  I have enjoyed visiting with you all, even if I have gotten even further behind with answering emails! ;)

I am thankful... 
that Sean has been able to come home each night, even though he is only home from just 10pm to 4am, and for all the firemen who are working so hard to get the fires under control.

Learning all the time... 
I had such great plans for this summer, to continue studying Math and teaching Snuggles to read.  It hasn't been happening.  The children are still learning all the time (this week swimming skills!) and reading (or listening to) books everyday.  There will be plenty of time for the rest in the fall, right?

Celebrating the liturgical year... 
The feast of St. Ignatius is coming up on July 31st.  It's also a baptismal anniversary so I'm thinking about making another madeliene recipe shell cakes again!  A few additional ideas can be found in the archives at Catholic Cuisine.

From the kitchen... 
cherry tomatoes  from our garden!

I am working on... and creating... 
a more organized (and cozy!) home.  This past week and weekend, in addition to working on the bedrooms, I also rearranged furniture (and found an area rug!) in our family/living rooms.   I will have to try and take pictures sometime soon.

I am going... 
to be spending a lot of time at the swimming pool again this week!

I am hoping... 
that I can find time to start getting ready for my Curriculum Sale Blog Hop...  It's just been too busy and it's coming up on August 1st!

I am praying... 
for Katrina and her twins, one of whom has anencephaly.  I have been online friends with her sister, Laura, for years and have been praying for Katrina since I learned of her pregnancy complications.  Will you please join me?

I am reading... 
lots of updates on the fires, particularly on the one which my husband is fighting.

Pondering these words...
from today's Quiet Moment:

"We cannot love without suffering and we cannot suffer without love."  - St. Gianna

I am listening...  
to "a, a, a, aaaa, a, a, aaaa, a, b, c, a, a, a, aaaa"... Can someone please take that WORD WHAMMER away from the baby! ;)  Now that the television is gone the kids have been finding all sorts of old toys that even I forgot we had...

Around the house... 
I haven't been the only one redecorating!

Seri's Dollhouse 
Calico Critter Families and Furniture

One of my Rose's favorite things...  
drawing and finding anything heart shaped!

"Look Mom! I found a HEART leaf!!!"

This week's plans...

Monday: Swimming Lessons, Overnight Visitors
Tuesday: Swimming Lessons Canceled due to too much smoke and ash in the air...
Wednesday: Swimming Lessons/Life Saving Day
Thursday: Swimming Lessons/Graduation Day, Curriculum Sale Blog Hop Hosted Here!
Friday: Morning Mass, Afternoon with Friends, Grocery Shopping
Saturday: Recover from the week! ;)
Sunday: Our third Quarterly Latin Mass

A little peek at my day...

At the pool this morning... Swimming lessons are definitely not one of Rose's favorite things! ;)