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It was so much fun to get dressed up for a night out with my husband last Saturday!  We went to Vegas and gambled... Yep, completely out of character for us! ;) 

Actually it was "Vegas in the Valley" an annual fundraiser for the Hadley Hope Foundation!  Tickets to the event included admission, appetizers, hosted beer/wine/soda, and $25 "funny money" which could be cashed in for chips.  I spent most of the evening playing Blackjack and then took all my winnings over to the Roulette wheel!  I paid my $10 in chips for for three spins and won 2 Chipotle Gift Cards!  Sean played next and won the Grand Prize, a $50 gift card to Papa John's, and a couple t-shirts!  Just slightly addicting...  Overall we won 3 Chipotle Gift Card Sets (1 free salad bowl/burrito, buy one get one, and free chips and guac. in each set), 2 - $50 Papa John Family Packs (perfect for summer birthdays, right?!), a few passes to the Ice-Skating Rink, some t-shirts and a hat for the boys!

I didn't win anything on my last few spins, but at least I was able to "hold still" long enough for Marc to get a great picture!  Marc thought it was worth the loss, though I wouldn't have minded another gift card! ;) 


My brother photobombed this cute picture of Rascal's Godparents...   Nice, Brian! 

And my brother Scott?  Just look at all those tickets he won!  At the end of the night everyone turns in all their chips/winnings for raffle tickets.  There were tables lining a long wall filled with gift baskets and prizes that had been donated to the event.  You could drop however many tickets you wanted into the jar for each item.  My brother Scott had his eye on a GoPro Camera and, after putting one ticket in each of the other jars, he put all the rest in the jar for the camera.  He didn't win the camera, but he did win two of the other prize baskets!!  He gave us his basket of Trader Joe's goodies!  Thank you Scottie! 

Sean & I didn't have nearly as many tickets, after spending most of our chips on all that Roulette Wheel, but we still had about 20-30 between the two of us to enter into the raffles.  I put them in various jars:  Horse Riding Lessons, the Camera, some Carhartt gear, a big Thirty-One Gifts bag filled with bags, and a few others that were either practical or fun!  I actually ended up winning one of the raffles - a gift basket filled with manicure supplies and more Chipotle gift cards!  Woohoo!!! 


Even though we had a fun night, the best part of the evening was hearing the updates on the Hadley Children and knowing that all the prayers and fundraising is making a difference in the lives of these dear children!   Just before showing the update video, Brian Hadley got up and spoke.  He said it has been over five years now since two of their three children were diagnosed with a terminal disease called  Niemann Pick Type C, also known as "Childhood Alzheimer's."  At that time they were told there was no cure and to go home and love their children...   The progress they have made towards finding a cure has been nothing short of miraculous!  Please continue to pray for the Hadley family, and if you feel called to donate you can visit the Hadley Hope Foundation here.  

Note: All Photography by Marc Salvatore used with permission.

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  1. Looks like such a fun night and for a great cause too! We have something similar here each year to Support the Parish School, everyone has a wonderful time!

    1. We usually have a new and/or nursing baby so this is the first year we've been able to attend! I am already looking forward to going again next year, if it's possible! :)

  2. I love the photo bomb, I'm sorry but it is soooooo little brother :) Also, you look so elegant in your dress! What a wonderful cause!

    1. I love it too! Makes me laugh every time I see it! And thank you! :)

  3. Nice pics and, with all respect, a very pretty new profile photo!

  4. You and Sean make such a handsome couple! What a fun evening and such a good cause. Oh, and you've gotta love "little" brothers! +JMJ+

  5. You look beautiful Jessica. We usually have something like this at our parish bazaar, but we are always too busy supervising kids on rides to go. But, after seeing your pictures, I think maybe next year Drew and I need an adult visit to the bazaar, looks like fun. Enjoy those gift cards!
    Oh, and the best part was hearing a positive update on those beautiful children.

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