Friday, May 3, 2013

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Last weekend we spent most of Friday and Saturday deep cleaning the girls bedrooms.  After we had finished, and after a bike-ride with the older boys, I took the girls out for dinner!  

It was a gorgeous day, so I choose to take them to a restaurant on the river. I had been there before, but it was a first for the girls. 


We had a 30 minute wait, since I asked to sit on the deck overlooking the river, but that gave us plenty of time to walk around and explore! 

They were also very excited to be able to choose something off the children's menu (usually when we all eat out Sean & I choose a couple meals off the regular menu for them all to share).  Twinkle Toes choose the hamburger with fries, Chiquita choose the grilled cheese with Salad, and Rose asked for the Grilled Cheese with FRESH FRUIT! "I LUV Fruit-uh!"  Yes, she sure does! 

After dinner we walked around some more before heading to the store to pick up popsicles to share with the boys, and then home.   It was such a fun evening, and so nice to spend some special time with just the girls.

*For those that have asked on Instagram, Twinkle Toes skirt (and Chiquita's as well) were both hand-me-downs from a friend.   Twinkle Toes' is the Sunflower Fields Yellow Skirt from Gymboree in 2007.  It is so comfortable and cute, and can still be found on ebay. (Or scroll here for other sizes


While we were walking around after dinner, none of us noticed this goose standing on the pillar, until I saw him hiss and nearly peck Twinkle Toes on the head as she walked by!  It was then that I noticed the older couple standing nearby laughing and enjoying watching the aggressive goose react to everyone who passed.  

Shortly after taking this picture, a young man walked by talking on his cell phone and the goose came within inches of getting him too.  We did try to warn him, he was too distracted. 


My post on Facebook Sunday night:  
  We may be out of sandwich stuff, but at least Sean will have his favorite cookies for lunch tomorrow! #mustgoshopping

Yes, I probably should have been grocery shopping on Saturday, and we ended up having some pretty interesting meals the first few days of this week... Thankfully I was finally able to make it to town on Wednesday.    And that silver pot in the background?  Well, it has been sitting on my stove since Holy Saturday, filled with onion skins.  I'm still hoping to get around to naturally dying some Easter Eggs.  There is still time, right?! ;) 

We also had a very unhappy critter (a large grey squirrel) stuck up inside our car on Saturday morning.  I'm pretty sure our cat chased him up there, and he was squeaking like crazy for a couple hours.  That was an interesting call to animal control... They said they would call me back, and never did.  Thankfully he finally was able to escape.

And poor little Bud has been missing his Wheely Bug... I hid it last weekend, in an attempt to try and encourage him to start walking more often.  Who needs to walk when you can just cruise around the house all day?!  It has already made a difference, but he sure misses his wheels...

Here is a little glimpse of him in action...  My favorite part is his spin to a stop at around :35! 

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  1. Bud moves around really well on that wheely bug! The pictures of the girls are beautiful.

  2. Lovely pictures of the girls night out! And what a funny goose. Perhaps there was a nest or goslings hidden nearby, although admittedly some geese don't need an excuse to be aggressive. I like your guy-friendly meal planning strategy too. ;-)

  3. What a special girls day out! Your youngest girl looks so much like you.

  4. You have such pretty girls! And that scenery! Wow! It's still winter here in NE. :(
    I've never thought of checking eBay for clothes. That is a good idea. It's so hard to find modest (& inexpensive) girls clothes.

  5. Bud is just adorable!!! And you're right, his little "turn" is priceless! Beautiful pictures and children!! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  6. Love it! Such a pretty restaurant. I wish I lived where you do, where there are actual seasons and one can actually go outside in the summer.

  7. Love, love the video of Bud!! Absolute cuteness!!

  8. Your family is just precious. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your posts. Thank you for your willingness to share!

  9. What a lovely thing to do with your daughters. They all looked so fresh and pretty at a great location for pictures.

    I think my boys would have been with the old couple, waiting and laughing as surprised people got goose-attacked.


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