Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Game of Graces

One of the games I choose for the girls to play during this year's Mother-Daughter Tea Party was the game of Graces, as suggested by Eliana.  It was so much fun!

According to Victorian World, Graces is a game that dates back to the 1830s. It was originally intended as an indoor parlour game, but could be played outdoors as well, and due to its popularity, it often was. It was a two-player game which used two wooden throwing rings, (usually decorated with ribbons), and four catching wands. Each player held two catching wands, one in each hand. The first player would place the rings over the wands which he/she held, then toss the rings, one at a time, to the other player. The winner was the player who had caught the most tossed rings within a set amount of time. It was generally considered a "girl's game" as it was meant to encourage gracefulness--hence, the name, "Graces."

We also read the following from the section on Colonial Party Games in our out of print copy of The American Girls Party Book:   Each player has 2 sticks. (Our girls used one "stick" each so that more girls could play at the same time.)  Dowels from craft or hardware stores work well. (I used knitting needles.) The players use the sticks to toss a small hoop, such as an embroidery hoop, back and forth. For fluttery fun, wrap ribbons around the hoop and let the ends hang down as streamers. Keep wrapping ribbons until the entire hoop is covered. 

Here is the link to additional ideas for Little Flowers Girls' Club Tea Party Games.  You can find all our 2013 Mother-Daughter Tea Party Posts here and all Little Flowers themed posts here.


  1. That looks like a fun party game! Thanks for the link to the American Girl party book. I ordered a used copy. Hopefully it will be a big help in planning my daughter's American Girl themed party in a few more months.

  2. How lovely! How nice to be doing such feminine games!! Isn't it great to turn to the beauty and culture of history!

  3. I'm glad that the suggestion turned out so well! I love the ribbons on the hoops--so pretty!


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