Friday, April 12, 2013

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 Last night we met my beautiful mother for dinner at Chipotle before heading to the theatre to see The Sound of Music!   No one ever believes that my mom is the mother of twelve (plus two in heaven).  I hope I look that great after I have five more children! ;) 


These growing boys of mine were very happy to get their very own burrito bowls (we usually share when we eat out) and they ate every last bite.  Yum!!! 

Oh!! And Twinkle Toes has been very happy since finding out last week that her braces (phase one) are ready to come off at her next appointment (at the end of May)!   It seems like she just got them on... They were put on during the first week of school and will come off at the end of our school year.   This year has gone by quickly, as usual.  


Our oldest four children were so incredibly excited to attend a play for the very first time - and what could be better for them to see than The Sound of Music!   It is definitely a favorite in our family

Anyways, after taking this picture my mom was showing us some of the other photos on her phone, including some panoramic pictures.  After saying that "I wish my phone camera could take pictures like that" my mom (who didn't even have an email address or know how to turn a computer on a couple years ago) showed me how to change the setting on my phone to take them...  She then turned to the kids and said, "Woohoo!!! I just showed YOUR MOM how to do something!  I need to write that in my journal... I need to FACEBOOK THAT!"  They thought it was hilarious... Hmph! ;) 


After the play, which ended just past 11pm, everyone was still wide awake and enjoyed meeting the cast.  They loved telling "Maria" that they too are part of a family with seven children!   

Of course the tickets to attend the musical were really expensive, and completely out of our budget, but I was able to get the approval from our charter school to purchase the children's tickets with some of our remaining allotment for their fourth quarter "Music" requirements! Such a blessing!! 

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  1. Beautiful pictures as're mom looks so young!

  2. So, how should a mom of 12(14) look? Not old and haggard, I'm sure of it! There's a bit of a notion out there in this world of ours that lots of children equals run-down mamma isn't there? I only have 6 children (4 in heaven) and people tell me I don't look like I have 6 children. I need a bit of a snappy comeback, but I havent come up with one yet! I suppose I'm just too tired and haggard from all those children to think of one! Heee!
    What a fun evening! And how special that you got to attend the show with your mom. You are both beautiful moms!

    1. Yes there sure is! I do love it when people realize that isn't the case. I've never been good with snappy comebacks... I, too, am too tired and haggard to think of them! lol Though, I do love when someone asks "ARE these ALL your children?!" and I can answer "No, I have (this many) more at home!" ;)

  3. Looks like lots of fun! The older two boys are looking more and more like Fr. James and Fr. Dennis!

    Blessing to you all!

  4. Yeah, my mom has an iPhone and iPad, and I look at her and say, " Mom - I don't have either of those, and you are 25 years older than me!!!" LOL. She was always the one to beat all the levels in every Super Mario Nintendo game when we were kids, though, so what do I expect??

    But yes, your mother does look so, so young!!

  5. Yes your mom is beautiful! I can't believe she's had so many. I think she should have her own blog too so we can all glean her wisdom! She's obviously done a great job raising you!! Please post some of her words of wisdom and advice :) God bless!

    1. I have often wished she had her own blog as well!

  6. Lovely mom--I see the family resemblance! And what a fun outing.

  7. OH, HOW FUN!!!!! SOOOOO glad you got to see this with the older kids!!! When my husband and I loved in Boston back in the late 90's at one of the local theaters "The Sound of Music" came through for a run - Richard chamberlain plaid Captain von Trapp!!! He was WONDERFUL!!!!! It was a magical evening and I remember it well! In fact, I hadn't been feeling well for almost a month, I remember and chanced going as we already had the tickets - I enjoyed it SOOOOOO MUCH that my illness lifted from me that evening and NEVER returned! Mind/body connection!!!!!

    I still am hoping that some publishing company will reprint Maria's "Around they Year with the von Trapp Family"!!! That is SUCH a GREAT book!!!

  8. This looks like such a fun evening, we like to take our kids to the local community productions to help offset some of the costs of tickets, they did the Sound of Music 2 years ago. We once took all the kids to Chipotle, and just watching their faces with those burritos was worth it - so much fun and so many great memories!


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