Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Indoor Tea Party Games

In between each course of our tea party, while the servers prepared for the next course, we played party games!  I loved all the suggestions that were shared, but since I ran short on time and since we included some new outdoor activities (Bocce Ball, Maypole, and Graces) this year I opted for a couple favorites from last year's tea party:  the Cupcake Jigsaw Puzzle Race and Little Flowers Bingo.

.: Cupcake Puzzle Race :.

This year for the Cupcake Puzzle Race, instead of using two 100 piece puzzles and having the girls race the mothers, we used six smaller 60-piece Cupcake puzzles and each family worked together on a puzzle (we did have two girls attending without their mother, so they each joined the groups that only had 2 to even out the teams).   

As each group finished I awarded saint medals and crosses to each person! 

.: Little Flowers Bingo :.

Our other favorite is Little Flowers Bingo: Flowers & Gems!   I had brought a basket filled with 13 prizes (one for each girl) and we played until everyone had gotten to choose a prize.   We played various ways - regular Bingo, 4 Corners, etc.  Next time I'll have to add a variation that is just the gemstones, or something like that.  Anyways, if a girl had more than one Bingo I did have a bag of chocolates for additional prizes.  


Well this post includes the last of all the games and activities we had during this year's Mother-Daughter Tea Party! I have a busy day ahead, since we are (finally!) signing papers this evening on our home refinance... Still I will try and pop back in soon to share the last of the pictures from the tea, including all the lovely decorations and delicious food.  I hope you all have a blessed day!


  1. very beautiful pictures ...
    bisous de FRANCE

  2. It looks like it was a beautiful event for mothers and daughters alike. Everyone (and everything) looked so pretty and feminine. Peace! +JMJ+


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