Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes :: A Birthday Party and Pony Rides!

— 1 —

Last Saturday my niece turned three years old!  I still haven't gotten around to posting the pictures I took at our fun trip to the pumpkin patch last fall during "C" week, but my sweet little niece fell in love with riding the ponies so my brother surprised her, and all the kiddos, with pony rides on her birthday!  She loved the pony rides just as much as she did last year.  

— 2 —

Bud, however, was not at all sure what to think of the pony... 

... he wasn't sure what to think of the lady leading the pony either.  I don't think he trusted either one.

Note:  Since a friend asked on facebook, I thought I'd share the link to my new favorite denim skirt, which I'm wearing in the above picture.  I purchased it during a 30% off sale with an extra 20% off coupon, so it was only $27.  It is so comfortable!   *Update:  All sizes were available last night when I posted the link, but now it looks like they only have one size left. 

— 3 —

The girls and Snuggles all loved taking turns riding...

And the big boys?  Well, they had no intention of riding the poor little pony until Aunt Meagan told them that they could either ride the pony, or clean the driveway after the party!  They choose to ride the pony.  Captain later told me, while laughing, that when he got on the lady said, "I don't need to buckle you, if you don't want me to."

— 4 —

Party Cowboy hats!  The kids loved getting to wear their daddy's old hats from his college days. 

— 5 —

We had a hard time deciding on a gift for my niece, but after the suggestion from a friend we decided on a Lady Bug Nightlight.  Our children have these in their bedrooms and were excited to give one to their cousin too! 

— 6 —

  It rained on and off all afternoon, but every time it stopped the kids headed back outside to play.

— 7 —

The party ended with a few very loud fireworks and sparklers, much to the delight of the birthday girl...

... but once again Bud was very concerned! 

He was very thankful to his big brother for keeping him safe during all that noise! :)

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  1. LOVE that Bud!! Adorable!!! :) -Kathryn

  2. talk about a DREAM birthday party! My mom had my fifth birthday party at a cloistered Carmelite Monastery .... imagine my excitement :)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, Bud's face is priceless as he takes it all in!

  4. I love that sweet, kind of skeptical little man!

  5. You have a lovely family, God bless!

  6. What a fun birthday party! Love the expressions on Bud's face. He does seem unsure yet trying to figure it out. Especially when checking out big brother's expression for reassurance. God bless.


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