Thursday, March 7, 2013

{this moment}

"Somebody rode his wheely bug into the (recently cleaned and organized) schoolroom and found a couple of his books immediately."

From Instagram/Facebook, because it was just too cute to not record on the blog!  


  1. Jessica - what a darling pic!!! And, absolutely love-love-love those shelves!

  2. We need a tour of your school room! It looks so organized and I could really use a little inspiration. How does Bud like the wheely bug?

    1. I did take some pictures of the schoolroom to share and will try and post them soon!

      This room had been such a mess until last Saturday... I finally spent a day cleaning and organizing. (I filled three bags of trash and 3 boxes/bags for Goodwill.) I also rearranged the boys desk and it is so nice to have a functioning room again!

      Bud loves the wheely bug! I'm amazed at how well he can get around on that thing! I think I need to hide it for a few days though, to encourage his walking!


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