Sunday, March 10, 2013

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Alabama

"Our official state bird's name, 
history does glorify.
The uniforms of the Civil War soldiers, 
Yellowhammer is our Y."
  ~ Y is for Yellowhammer: An Alabama Alphabet

.: Alabama by Captain :.

.: Alabama by Rascal :.

*The links to the worksheets used for these notebook pages can be found here, and here is the link to all of our State-by-State Study posts.

You can also find the Alabama Fried Pies that the girls made for this state here!  


  1. What kinds of scrapbooking supplies have you found the most helpful?

    1. The kids really just use the printouts/worksheets with scissors and glue sticks, and then blank white paper and colored pencils for their illustrations.

      Years ago I purchased a large pack of sheets of cardstock with all the alphabet letters on them which the boys will sometimes use for the state name, otherwise they have me use the cricut to cut out letters.

      That's about it! :)


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